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Side Event: Cyberdelics Society Citizens Assembly - Are we being radical enough?

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Ellie and Dama
Side Event: Cyberdelics Society Citizens Assembly - Are we being radical enough?


This special TechforGood side-event follows on from our last meetup, which we had to cut short because of the heat:

You don't have to have attended the first event to come along to this one, and you can see the outputs of that event here:

For this August meetup, the Cyberdelic Society (whose co-founder Carl M Smith spoke at last month's event) will host a Collective Intelligence summit in order to explore how immersive technologies can be radically recontextualised to help tackle some of the grand challenges humanity is currently facing.

The Cyberdelic Society will set the scene by sharing the outputs from our recent XR for XR event which explored how immersive technologies can be utilised to help combat the climate and extinction crisis. The full video of the XR for XR event is available here:

Help us build the collective intelligence around Tech for Good solutions by sharing your opinions, ideas and skills. What are the most relevant areas of concern for you? We look forward to this process of collectively co-creating.


  • How do we ensure technologies are part of the solution rather than the source of the problem?
  • How are we going to use the power of technology to radically change lives and the environment for the better?
  • How can we use technology to help us imagine and realise the level of transformation needed to meet the challenges we face?


  • How can we avoid replacing imagination with computer animation?
  • What do our current imaging and sensing technologies already do to our perception of reality?
  • If our senses are enhanced or augmented will we become distracted – or more mindful and connected?
  • What are the biological and psychological risks of altering your perception with technology?
  • Is transformative technology just a shortcut for people who lack the willpower for consistent work with their bodies, breath, meditation and sitting in silence?
  • Do AR/VR/MR/AI (XR) experiences endanger people from getting lost further inside the simulation?
  • Do Cyberdelics promise a 'shortcut' to a false experience of 'awakening'/‘enlightenment’?
  • Why rely on something external when we have all the answers, power and ability to be conscious co-creators of this 'world'/'reality' within ourselves?


  • How can we use immersive tech to both measure the impact we are having on our environment and also explore some appropriate systems change solutions?
  • How can we use immersive tech to expand our experience of ourselves and the reality we live in?
  • How can we create truly transformative experiences within these immersive technologies?
  • How can these technologies help us to reprogram our associations and see ourselves from other perspectives (including the non-human)?
  • How can we design and use these technologies to contribute to individual and collective awakening?
  • What is the healing potential of these technologies?
  • How can hybrid technological devices, of often-prosthetic alienation, help us to reconnect to ourselves and to the surrounding environment?
  • To what extent can we influence our internal processes and bodily sensations using external sources? How adaptable is our perception?
  • How much can we understand the rules that govern our minds and bodies through these technologies?
  • How can artificial senses be used to access a greater dynamic range of reality?

If there is appetite, this may form the first in a series of follow-ups along this theme, led by the Cyberdelic Society.

133 Bethnal Green Road · London
26 spots left