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GAP - Get.A.Partner

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Pavel L.


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-- WHO --
Startup Founders -- and -- Professionals Seeking Startups
-- WHAT --
Find a co-founder for your startup -- or -- find an exciting project to join.
-- WHERE --
TBA (Looking for a new venue)

Come fill the GAP!

Building a successful startup is about building a team.
Make sure you have the critical ingredients in yours.
GAP is where Asia's best startups are founded and strongest teams are made.
Make sure you have the right skillsets and founder fit.
We'll not only show you how, but help you find them.

Learn the tricks of the trade - how to split equity fairly, how to work together with new teammates, how to systematically discover whether your partner has that "founder material" that you need.

This is what GAP is all about.

Come fill the GAP!

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