Serverless with Svelte


This free event is based on a cooperation between the Tech Leader Club and FB developer Circle Amsterdam. Please register here:

Serverless technologies have experienced a steep growth in adoption amongst front-end engineers. The faces of today's applications have to be so much enriched, that front-end developers are welcoming every solution that enhances the focus on their daily core goal: building awesome user experiences. Serverless technology is one of the biggest time savers.

At the same time front-end engineers also need to speed up and simplify their core work, as the number of projects is increasing much and much faster than their number of colleagues. It's a reason why Svelte was definitely 2019’s β€œcool new framework on the block”, as stated by the State of JS 2019 report. Svelte has a dramatic different approach to JavaScript software development, leaving us with yet another promising front-end framework!