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TechMeetup #31: API & SERVERLESS

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Filip P. and Adam K.
TechMeetup #31: API & SERVERLESS


Přátelé je to tady! Oficiálně oznamujeme, že 31. setkání TechMeetupu je na světě a tentokrát bude tématem večera API & SERVERLESS!

Společně se podíváme na témata jako AWS lambda, REST-api, GraphQL a metodiky ohledně práce s API.

Nejlepší je dorazit přímo do Impact HUB Ostrava. Pokud nestíháš, tady je link na náš YT kanál, kde proběhne live stream**.**

Language note: There will be one talk in english.

17:30 Uvítání
17:35 Blok božích přednášek (po 30 min.)
19:30 Afterparty v ImpactHubu


1. A Guide to Writing a Terrible API

Hana Klingová (Software Engineer @profiq)

In this talk, we're diving into the dark side of creating an API. We'll talk about things like differences between REST and GraphQL, confusing endpoint names, messy data structures, confusing documentation, ignoring web standards, inconsistent error handling, and non-existent versioning. We will have a look at what we can do to write a really terrible API. Join us as we explore the depths of bad API design and (hopefully) learn how to avoid them.

2. How We Built Our API Wrong, and How We're Fixing It

Peter Vitez (Engineering Team Lead at Mews)

Mews is a hospitality tech company which was among the first in the industry to bring cloud-native software with open and free partner API. Being the first also brings challenges, and we didn't get a lot of things right from the start. While our API grew popular with more than 1000 integration partners and 20 million requests per day, we faced numerous scalability issues, from database bottlenecks through security vulnerabilities to challenges with managing changes coming from other team
In this session I will share what we did wrong and how we're fixing it, while minimizing disruption to our partners – and how you can avoid repeating the same mistakes.

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