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How are technology, entrepreneurship and innovation making Philadelphia better?

The Technical.ly Philly Meetup hosts a range of events that explore how the local tech community is impacting job growth/retention, digital access/education and government/policy reform in Philadelphia.

The events will range from pre-hackathon receptions, civic app demos, digital access discussions and cross-city, cross-community and other partnered meetups.

Organized by local technology news site Technical.ly Philly (http://www.technical.ly/philly).

Interested in volunteering at events? Sign up here! (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1CEEjJ0XXwtejOQg3xICr6EDQmT8FnLB9hSwKT9msAQ0/viewform)

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Slack Chat #2: Philly Tech Week 2019

Needs a location

Join the Technical.ly team at a VIRTUAL meetup on SLACK focused on getting involved with Philly Tech Week 2019 (see directions for joining the Technical.ly Slack below). Please note that this is NOT an in-person event. Instead, it's an ONLINE discussion taking place in the #philly channel of Technical.ly’s Slack. Want to get involved and don’t know where to start? Have an event idea, but need a partner? Have a venue and want to host programming? Seeking places to volunteer? Take this opportunity to ask those burning #PTW19 questions and get answers in real time. A little before 2:00 pm, we’ll share some do’s and don’ts for the discussion. Nothing crazy- just a few tips to help keep the conversation going and flowing. At 2:00 pm, you can start submitting your questions AMA (ask-me-anything) style and we will answer questions in the order received. But hey, this is an open discussion. If you’d like to answer a question, make a #PTW19 specific announcement or call for a collaborator, we encourage you to go for it! How to Add Technical.ly on Slack: 1. Visit: http://technically.herokuapp.com/ 2. Enter your email and click, “get my invite” 3. Check your inbox and follow prompts to join the Slack space 4. Under “channels” search for “#philly” 5. Add the #philly channel Questions? Feel free to email [masked]

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Slack Chat #1: Philly Tech Week 2019

Needs a location

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