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The goal of Beijing Technium 帝都科魂 is to foster an environment where people from various fields can network and produce ideas which will lead China, and the world, towards a positive Singularity. A positive Singularity would be an inclusive moment in the near future -most futurists peg this moment about 2045- when we have surpassed human intelligence, achieved radical life extension, and live in an age of abundance. We can achieve this in our lifetime!

Since last year, our efforts in Beijing are noticeably starting to resonate with big money and big government. Anyone could bring the next piece of the puzzle, that one little insight which steps us towards the next paradigm shifting invention. Join us as we create novel concepts, spread memes, and make friends. We meet monthly. Key dates are March 1st Future Day, October 1st Longevity Day, New Year prediction meet, and once in August to commemorate the anniversary of h+ in China. We also meet up when special guests visit us, or in light of a special event. Important information is chronicled on LinkedIn Pulse.

Our group is associated with the transhuman advocacy group humanity+ (h+), and life extension groups; International Society On Aging and Disease (ISOAD) and Life Extension Policy Institute (LEPI). Beijing Technium has received international recognition on and

We started a couple years ago on LinkedIn under the same name. Our sister group on Wechat is called H+ @China. We are not for sale. ☭

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