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This is the Brabant-based meetup for techno lovers. With a special place in their soul for techno. The kind that loves a cold train station at 7:00 AM, that is willing to bear lactic acid in the muscles, that simply has to move when that invigorating ear-induced energy is streaming. Ok, I might be exaggerating, but we do enjoy techno!

This meetup is especially meant for people that would like to meet fellow techno lovers and/or don't know too many techno lovers. You can always go alone, but going together makes it that much more fun. But every techno lover is welcome to join, and events are not confined to Brabant. Though the events should be reasonably accessible from Brabant. But e.g. Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam are just around the corner.

There is a limit to the number of parties I can go to myself, but you are very welcome to suggest events or become an event organizer. And I don't see why these events have to be limited to official parties. Are you a hobby DJ with a big barn, or do you want to give a DJ or producer workshop, or some other idea? Don't hesitate to contact me.

I have been a techno lover for many years, although mostly just listening. Since 2019 I'm much more active, planning to go to events, and producing techno myself. You can check out my music at teknolab.nl.

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kasteel van humbeek

Drumcode Festival


Braaf Easter Edition


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