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What we’re about

Live in Savannah.  Work anywhere.  We are a group dedicated to growing the tech community in Savannah through events, programs and social connections The meetup will include events for learning how to code, meetups for engineers to get together and work on projects AND tech Tuesday which is a happy hour for coders, designers and founders to meet each other and talk shop.  

Check out our website at to learn more and sign up for our newsletter.  We also have a Slack Team for those of you who like chatting with developers, designers, entrepreneurs, etc.  You can request an invite and we'll add you!  

All of our events follow the BridgeFoundry Code of Conduct (the same one we use for our RailsBridge events - it's great so why learn another one?). Everyone should feel welcome and safe at our events, and the code of conduct makes sure that we set that expectation and have a framework for dealing with issues if they come up.

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