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Want to create a software application - a mobile app, web app, or SaaS product?

Got the idea, but not the experience, or tech skills to transform your vision into a profitable business?

Make THIS the year you become the proud owner of your own software!

This meetup will cover many aspects of initiating, setting up and running a tech business, and taking it from "idea to launch".

Make life easier for yourself by avoiding the common newbie mistakes that will waste your time and money, and have you going round in circles!

Whether you're starting a new tech business from scratch, or you're a business owner who wants to create a software app to diversify or expand your existing business, we'll cover a range of topics to get you up to speed on what you'll need to know, and do to run your own tech startup - even if you're not technical yourself.

We'll cover a number of topics including:

* How to plan for business success

* How to fund the build of your software product

* How to design your app and create a great customer experience

* How and where to hire a developer to get your app built

* How to successfully work with your developer, and handle the software development process

* Professional project management, and project managment methods and techniques to help you get the job done right!

* Marketing for tech / software startups

* Legal considerations for software entrepreneurs

We'll also hold regular votes so you can choose the topics that YOU most want to discuss, and receive information about.

Join us, and let's work through these challenges together so you can get your software application built!

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How to develop your app idea: Research strategies and techniques

WORKSHOP FOR TECH STARTUPS ************************************** Do you aspire to turn your idea into a business, and become a successful tech startup? This session will help you get started, and test your idea, step-by-step. Many people have ideas for building a mobile app, or other types of software, but they have no clear idea where to start, or how to bring their vision to life. Others dive in and waste time, and money, only to realise later that a lot more preparation was required! Learn how to take a structured approach when starting a technology focused business, and come along to this session by the author of Don't Hire a Software Developer Until You Read this Book, and find out how to start turning your idea into a commercial software product. During the session, you'll have the opportunity to get your questions answered by a software delivery expert, and you'll learn: - The top reasons for business failure, and the most dangerous mistakes made by new tech entrepreneurs - How to research and develop your idea, and techniques for carrying out quick, but effective research - Marketing tips, including how to identify your target market - How to create a quality customer profiles, so you can reach your ideal customers with ease - How to produce a simple, but powerful business plan in 30 minutes - More about what’s involved in running a tech startup Reach for the stars, whilst keeping your feet on the ground with this practical session to help you increase your chances of success by avoiding unnecessary risks and problems when starting a tech business venture. TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE VIA EVENTBRITE Book your ticket for this practical workshop and make rapid progress with your idea! https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-to-develop-your-app-idea-research-strategies-and-techniques-tickets-61895383759

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