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What we’re about

Many are following the miraculous journey of Bitcoin. But let us not forget that behind the crazy roller coaster there is the pretense of exchanging money as we know it today.
At a glance, Bitcoin can be seen as a speculation magnet, but the rabbit hole is very deep and as you delve deeper into it, the recognition of Bitcoin's inherent potential to become the Internet of money sharpens.
If we put the price aside for a moment, Bitcoin is still here, working exactly as expected of it. Does not miss a block, as predictable and transparent as on the day of its birth.
But the marvelous movement called Bitcoin was not built from just looking at the moon.
There is work to be done! There are always things that need and can be built. Bitcoin is not only the protocol but also everything around it. There are always more opportunities and more problems to solve, more services, tools, and business models.
Bitcoin was built with the power of the mind and initiative, and although the Holy Land is saturated with both, there are not enough Israeli Bitcoin companies. So right now, as the waves get stronger the stronger ones are revealed, and precisely now that everyone is afraid it's time to build and be built!
So, if you are a Bitcoiner by heart this is a call to the incubator challenge!
If you believe in Bitcoin and your ability to build a significant business in this industry, we want to help! We invite you, entrepreneurs and developers, to apply for a unique incubator program that will include funding, technical and business support from experienced entities and mentors who will help you refine, build and fulfill the dream.
Want to take an active part and build a future of a decentralized economy? Your place with us!
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