• Node #1 - node.js frameworks

    Google Campus Tel Aviv

    About time we meet again! We'll be sharing an event with the node.js group discussing node.js oriented developer frameworks We'll be talking about... 1. SailsJS - Zohar Arad 2. Mean.io - Amos Haviv 3. Meteorjs - TBD (maybe you?)

  • Join the largest JavaScript Conference in Israel

    מכללת מגמות - פארק אזורים

    http://js-il.com/ כנס JS.IL מציג הרצאות וסדנות למפתחים מנוסים על האתגרים של בנייה ותחזוקה של יישומים גדולים ומורכבים (Single Page Web Apps) ב-JavaScript עם דגש מיוחד על:

  • meetup[9]

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    Coming out of winter hibernation, we're finalizing the lineup for Monday night. If anyone has any extra ideas or wants the opportunity to pass a message to the audience, please contact me. See you all there, P.S. We will be raffling off 2 free WebStorm licences between those attending.


    Empeeric roof

    From far and neer Thou shall not fear Look ahead, don't veer Just lough and tear Oh colleague, oh peer Be filled with cheer כי בחודש תשרי יש JS BEER

  • meetup 7

    Empeeric roof

    5 minutes talk: vert.x - Refael Ackermann Backbone.JS "scalability in complexity" - Roman Land "Speak Up" - An opportunity for Y'All to speak up

  • meetup 6

    Empeeric roof

    Feature talks: Zohar Arad - Patterns recap. Elad Ben-Israel - Building your own little node.js PaaS 5 minute talks: Empeeric - knockout lightning TBD...

  • Tel-Aviv JavaScript - Windows 8 App-a-thon

    Empeeric roof

    Microsoft Israel (http://www.microsoft.com/israel/msdn/page/), Empeeric (http://www.empeeric.com) and the TLV JS meetup are pleased to announce the Windows 8 HTML5 and JavaScript App-a-thon, that will be held on May 31st – June 1st in Empeeric Offices in the center of Tel-Aviv. This free App-a-thon’s focus is on building native Windows 8 applications with HTML5 and JavaScript. The theme of the App-a-thon is all about Tel Aviv. Movies in Tel Aviv, Restaurants in Tel Aviv, latest news about Tel-Aviv, and of course Prizes related to Tel-Aviv, sponsored by Microsoft Israel and Rozen & Meents. Register Here (http://www.hackerleague.org/hackathons/tel-aviv-windows-8-javascript-app-a-thon) Who Should Come? JavaScript and HTML5 developers in that want to build cool applications What Should You Expect? Good time! Eat, drink, hang out and CODE with the most amazing JavaScript and HTML5 developers in the Tel Aviv area and beyond. When & Where: May 31st – June 1st in Empeeric HQ, HaArba'a 10 , Tel Aviv-Yafo (4th floor) map (http://maps.google.com/maps/place?q=empeeric&hl=en&cid=8231709356392748197) App Contest and Prizes On Friday, we’ll wrap up the App-a-thon with an App contest. All members of the winner teams (up to 3 people per team) will receive cool prizes! 1st place – Merida MATTS 40 V (http://bit.ly/Jg2ONW) Bike (courtesy of Rozen & Meents (http://www.rosen-meents.co.il/)) 2nd place - Dinner in a special Tel Aviv restaurant. 3rd place – Vouchers for breakfasts Applications rating will be defined by level of creativity, design and usage of Windows 8 Metro-style unique features. Additional Details Awesome API’s and JavaScript Libraries First class JavaScript and HTML5 developers Food and drinks throughout Killer sponsored prizes Friday happy hour and Opportunity for developers to meet, mingle, showoff, collaborate and have fun with other amazing developers. *Presentations from some great guest speakers Agenda Thursday, May 31st * 11:00: Breakfast and Gathering * 11:30: Session: Introduction to Building JavaScript and HTML5 Applications for Windows 8 – Tools, API’s and Sample Apps * 13:00 Brainstorming, and forming teams * 13:30 – 22:00 Coding… Friday, June 1st * 10:00 Start Coding Again * 14:00 Apps Presentations * 16:00 Contest and Prizes * 17:00 Friday Happy Hour and wrap up What to bring or prepare in advance? Your own laptop with Windows 8 Consumer Preview installed (http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows-8/download). You can use dual boot (http://www.afterdawn.com/news/article.cfm/2012/03/01/quick_guide_to_installing_windows_8_consumer_preview_in_dual-boot) on Windows, dual boot on Linux (http://sakandownload.blogspot.co.uk/2012/03/how-to-dual-boot-windows-8-consumer.html), boot into VHD (http://www.hanselman.com/blog/HowToGuideToInstallingAndBootingWindows8ConsumerPreviewOffAVHDVirtualHardDisk.aspx) if you have Windows 7, or install as a virtual machine using VirtualBox (http://www.redmondpie.com/install-windows-8-consumer-preview-in-virtualbox-virtual-machine-on-mac-windows-7-how-to-tutorial/) Install Visual Studio 11 Express for Windows 8 (http://www.microsoft.com/visualstudio/11/en-us/downloads#express-win8) (free version) on top of your Windows 8 environment. Go through the initial tutorial on building a simple Windows 8 application with JavaScript and HTML5 (http://www.newsgeek.co.il/windows-8-metro-javascript-html5-tutorial/).

  • meetup 5 - Harmony

    Empeeric roof

    18:45 - 19:15 - Gathering / Networking / Schmoozing 1st talk - Tal Raviv: Ecquire - a whole company in a Chrome extension http://ecquire.com/ Equire is a strartup with an non traditional product, a chrome extention (AFAICT it's a data scaraper for business information) so obviusly they build their front-end in JS, but also have some interesting stories about back-end dev. 2nd talk - Limor Lahiani: on{X} - automate your life on{x} (http://grizzlyanalytics.blogspot.com/2012/04/microsoft-mobile-scripting-platform-onx.html) by MSR a web and mobile app that exposes the device triggers and actions through javascript APIs. Once you downloaded on{X} app, you can use the website to create new experiences by creating javascript rules and pushing them on the device. For example, you can write a javascript rule to automatically send a text message with your current location, whenever your wife tests you 'where?'. 5Min project presentation and pitches: Rotem Harel ...

  • TLV JS 4 - The Abandoned Edition

    Empeeric roof

    Meetups will be on the last Sunday of the mouth. Agenda: 18:00 - Gathering Warmup act - Leon Fedotov 1st talk - Guy Burstein - Native HTML5/JS Apps for Windows 8 2nd talk - Boaz Sender - Bocoup (http://bocoup.com/) 5Min project presentation and pitches: Rotem Harel ...

  • The 3rd with FEDS.IL

    La Champa del Mar, Tel Aviv

    In cooperation with FEDS.IL (http://www.facebook.com/groups/FEDS.IL/) Arieh Glazer (http://www.facebook.com/arieh.glazer) talking about Jasmin Zohar Arad (http://www.facebook.com/zohar.arad) talking about Batman.js Refael Ackermann (http://www.facebook.com/refael) (or someone else) talking about something in Node.js The Event will be BYOB (Buy Your Own Booze/Bear/patatas Bravas :)