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What we’re about

Thursday Evening South Tempe Writing Invite!
Writing a novel, short story, screenplay, etcetera and looking for a community of other writers to hang out with? Come write and talk about writing craft with other local writers. All skill levels welcome.

Extreme Bean at Southern & McClintock is the winning location. (Open till 11pm, plenty of tables and outlets, plus free WiFi with no expiration).

Every Thursday 4pm-ish to 7pm-ish officially, (although I may show up an hour earlier, and night owls can stay as late as 11pm).
Note: a companion meetup will occur 1st, 2nd, 4th and 5th Fridays at Extreme Bean 4pm-ish to 7pm-ish (we aren't doing 3rd Fridays so as not to compete with the existing east valley writing event at Coffee Rush).