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Developing Intuition 103: Spirit Guides and Teachers with Naha

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House of Intuition

2237 Sunset Blvd · Los Angeles, CA

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2 blocks West of Alvarado on Sunset and Waterloo, between Silverlake & Echo Park Neighborhoods.

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Developing Intuition 103: Spirit Guides and Teachers

In the previous classes, you have learned how to get yourself into the right state of mind and the right energetic space to develop your intuition and open yourself up to the psychic realms safely and smartly. Then we started connecting the puzzle pieces, the signs and symbols that are constantly around us and working with us to create synchronicities. You met your animal guides, your sacred numbers, planets, and colors, and took a journey through your subconscious.

Working with your Spirit Guides is the next step towards strong, focused, and healthy intuitive awareness.
Each one of us has the ability to tap into these energies so that they may assist us in bringing through signs, information, guidance, blessings, and healing.
Spirit guides can teach us to manifest the things that we want most in our lives, good jobs, happy homes, and healthy, dynamic relationships.
Spirit Guides may be angels, deities, animals, ancestors, ascended masters, friends or loved ones who have passed over, past lives, or even non-personified energies.
In this class, you will learn:
-how Spirit Guides can help you
-how to discover/encounter them
-how to communicate with them and receive messages
-how to test your guides
and much more

If time permits, we will also engage in a meditation to connect you to specific guides, allowing you to feel for yourselves what they are capable of.

You do not have to take Developing Intuition 101 and 102 before attending this class.

You have the option of paying online or calling to RSVP and paying in person[masked]

About the teacher:

Naha Armady has been a student of Esoteric Sciences for over 20 years. Her interests include Tarot, Hermetic Qabalah, Theurgy, Practical Alchemy, Astrology and Crystal Healing. Born in Los Angeles but raised in Seattle, Naha studied with two master teachers; William Kiesel, an occult author, publisher (, Qabalistic scholar and magician, and Dan Garber, Alchemist, scholar of the Hermetic Mysteries and architect of Sacred Geometry. As part of a practical magical working group she studied the Western Hermetic Tradition and worked with Thelemic and Qabalistic ritual and magic, learned hands-on alchemical operations studying under Robert Bartlett, partook in traditional Blackfoot Sweat Lodges, began studies with the Builders of the Adytum Western Mysteries School as well as began her yoga practice, attuning her mind and body to the vibrations of the elements and communing with the spirit realm.
Naha moved to Los Angeles in January of 2010 and shortly thereafter was led to the front door of House of Intuition. There she received certification in Reiki I and II and Shamanic and Crystal Healing Initiations. In 2012 she received certification as a Trans-Crystal Therapist from Rev. Patricia Bankins. She has combined her training and studies with her intuitive gifts to work with clients through readings and healings. Naha teaches the Tarot, Developing Intuition, Psychic Protection, Crystals and Stones classes, Gridwork, Intro to Practical Magic, Guided Meditation and more in the Western Hermetic Mystery Tradition.