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Crystal Sonic Full Moon "Clearing" Ceremony w/ Dominic and Kristie

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Crystal Sonic Full Moon Clearing Ceremony

The bright night of the full moon helps to shed light on the things that no longer serve us in our lives. As you evolve spiritually, those things can slow your progression and growth leaving you feeling frustrated or stagnant. Letting go is an important step in manifesting your dreams. It is said that you cannot fill a cup that is already full, that is why we should be actively clearing space in our lives for our dreams to manifest and accumulate, “Out with the old in with the new”. The monthly full moon is a great time to focus on freeing up that space and ridding ourselves of what no longer benefits us. Kristie Marie is an intuitive guide, Reiki practitioner, and Certified Crystal Healer who uses Reiki charged crystals, as well as stones she has collected from sacred sites around the world. The spirits of these stones are powerful, loving, and able to share their healing energy. Crystal energy helps to balance the chakras, remove blockages and circulate energy, promoting wellness and vitality. Kristie has herself walked through her own Dark Night of the Soul and, like a phoenix, rose from the ashes with a new found strength and purpose. She knows well the importance of letting go and the pain of holding on. Now her passion is to help show others how to heal and grow, and find their own inner strength. Allowing you to unburden yourself of the weight of the baggage of the past, quickening your pace toward the bright future. This baggage may be physical (such as cleaning out a room to make space for the office you will need when your business manifests), emotional (such as letting go of anger towards an ex to make room for new love), or even spiritual (such as letting go of past life karma in order to let in better energy). When we lovingly detach from what binds us it allows the Universe to step in and help carry it away. Aiding in your meditation will be the powerfully healing tones of quartz singing bowls and gongs provided by Dominic. If you are stressed, depressed, suffering insomnia, lacking energy, feeling disharmony, trying to overcome negative addictive patterns or stunted progress & growth due to blockages, Crystal Sonic treatments can correct these issues through vibrational healing. Crystal Singing Bowl vibrations have the power to shift our consciousness in a positive way. You may feel effects in one part of your body but the vibrational sound is traveling throughout your entire physical body, chakras and energy field clearing and removing imbalances or blockages to your ideal and healthy vibration.

In this group we will learn more about the Full Moon and its energy, meet with our guides for information on how to best remove obstacles and blockages from our paths and learn the best crystals for release in different areas of our life. We will then cleanse our chakras and aura, while energizing our intention to let go, with an intuitively, group constructed crystal grid of Reiki charged "releasing" crystals. Each participant will receive a reiki blessing to help clear the energy in the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. We will walk through guided meditations and perform rituals pertaining to that particular full moon of the year. You will also be anointed with a magically crafted essential oil programmed for letting go that has been skilfully blended by Myla Owl a master botanical perfumer with over 20 years experience. We will close the ceremony with a gem elixir that has been charged in our grid by crystal energy, our intention, and sonic vibrations. These rituals are nondenominational and may be applied to any belief system. Also, they are useful to all levels of experience with ritual or metaphysics. Moon rituals allow you a chance every month to heal, grow and move forward. Sharing these intentions and energy not only on a full moon, but also as a group amplifies them even more. To keep the group small and intimate we have limited the group to 14 participants. This is a unique chance to receive a crystal healing, sound therapy, aromatherapy and moon ceremony all in one. Come find the inner peace that comes with letting go, and leave feeling lighter and more carefree, with a freshly cleared path toward your destiny. 8:30 pm $35

You have the option of paying online or calling to RSVP and paying in person 213-413-8300

***Please bring paper and pen for journaling and notes. To keep our space clean, please bring only water to drink. Please wear comfortable clothes as we will be sitting in meditation. We will also be taking our shoes off at the door so feel free to bring socks or slippers.