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Spiritual Principles for Transforming Your Life with Kristie Wk 2 Hope & Faith

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Spiritual Principles for Transforming Your Life ( 8 week course with Kristie Marie

Oct. 3rd 5:30-7pm


Now that we have connected more closely to our higher selves, we continue our journey by strengthening our connection and trust with our Divine guidance. First we will go through a guided meditation to meet our Spirit Guides. They’re responsible for helping us fulfill the spiritual purpose we receive before we incarnate. Your higher self helps select these guides, who help us while we are living out our incarnation. A working connection to these guides gives us a place to go for advice and support that always comes form the highest light, with our best intentions in mind. This meditation is easy to learn and can be a great addition to your spiritual practice. Next we will set intentions and turn them over to the universe for a ritual in showing of faith in our New Moon Intention Setting Ceremony to focus on our hope for the future. The New Moon is a time of growth, charging and manifesting. In this ritual you will tap into this powerful energy and allow it to move you toward your goals and desires. This is a unique chance to receive a crystal healing, manifesting ritual, aromatherapy and moon ceremony all in one. Please bring a small personal item to be charged in our grid so that you may take this powerful energy home with you. Join us for this night of ritual and meditation and leave energized with the knowledge that the universe is supporting you in your quest.

Thursdays starting September 26th – November 14th
Except for Halloween week we will meet Wed the 30th

$30 per workshop or purchase *full series for $200 and save $40. You will also receive 20% off of 1 hour one-on-one life coaching sessions with Kristie for the duration of the series with full purchase.

**Oct 3rd will be the last day to purchase full series with discount and savings

For full series purchase please call 213-413-8300

ABOUT COURSE- Are you stuck, complacent, or just feeling unfulfilled? Do you feel separated from who you truly are inside? Do you repeat cycles in life or relationships that you just cannot break? Take the next 8 weeks to release all that binds you and reset your perspective for a new outlook. One where you can manifests the life you have always wanted, a life filled with more purpose, joy and deeper relationships. Over 8 weeks we will look deeply and objectively at our lives to see what may be holding us back and what we would like to usher in. With your dedication of intention and practice of these principles, you could see your life begin to shift within the first few weeks. In this self-empowering course you will to heal from within, and self manifest. Each week we will focus on new principles that you can use as building blocks to create the foundation for a new life. These principles teach us new behaviors that work for us and how to view and live differently in the world, to accept life on Life’s terms and turn any situation into a positive. This new perspective allows you to breathe easier, live happier, and conquer “mountains” with ease. So liberate yourself from fear and doubt and remove the baggage and the drama. Join me as you heal yourself, body mind and soul, and move towards the Authentic You and the life you deserve!

You may want to bring a binder dedicated to this class, as you will receive work sheets each week. Please bring paper and pen for journaling and notes. To keep our space clean, please bring only water to drink in a sealable container. Please wear comfortable clothes as we may be sitting in meditation. We will also be taking our shoes off at the door so feel free to bring socks or slippers.

ABOUT KRISTIE- Kristie Marie is a Spiritual Life Coach, Intuitive Counselor, Usui Reiki Master Practitioner, and Crystal Healer at House of Intuition. She uses intuition, divination and life skills for healing, insight and guidance. Kristie has herself walked through her own ‘Dark Night of the Soul’ and, like a phoenix, rose from the ashes with a newfound strength and purpose. Now her passion is to help others heal and find their own inner strength. “We all have the power to change our lives in any moment and at any stage. It’s about letting go of the past and becoming aware of the Authentic Self underneath. When we act from a place of authenticity we begin to create the life we truly are meant for”.