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Group Reading Receive Messages from the other side with Kiki - FREE!!!

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Come and join us in connecting with our loved ones, ancestors, and spirit guides as we gain healing and insightful messages from spirit. As we open the healing circle with a prayer and guided meditation we invite you to invite your loved ones in to connect and give you a message. The circle is limited to 4 people and we will absolutely do our best to make sure no one goes home empty messaged!

We are offering participation in a seance on Wednesday, July 23 for FREE as it is being filmed by the Oxygen Network. Event size is limited and we will be selecting 4 people to participate based on the following guidelines.

1. Send us a paragraph as to why we should select you. Include who you want to connect with (loved ones, ancestors, spirit guide) and why. Email your response to and include your name and contact phone number.

2. A $50 REFUNDABLE deposit ( must be paid in advance if you are chosen and you will have 2hrs to pay or we will move on to the next person of our choice. The day of the seance we will give you a full refund in cash.

Entry deadline is Monday, July 21 at 10pm. The 4 participants will be contacted on Tuesday, July 22 at 12pm.

The seance will take place on Wednesday, July 23 from 12pm - 2pm. Please arrive 20 minutes early to fill out the talent release form.

About Kiki:
KIKI is a board certified Psychic- Medium and Séance Co-Conductor by the prestigious Holistic Studies Institute of New York City. She has been featured at Salem, MA’s “Festival of the Dead”, one of the world’s largest psychic fairs, and has clients all over the world. Originally from a tiny village outside of Upstate New York’s Spiritualist town, Lily Dale, KIKI has been a highly sensitive clairvoyant and psychic-medium for as far back as she can remember. Growing up as a child, communicating with the spirits was her “normal”. As an adult, KIKI has learned that not everyone has regular conversations with the “other side”, however, she has realized her potential in using her abilities to help others to come to terms with their own struggles, find peace within themselves regarding loved ones who have passed, answer any and all questions that her clients are struggling with in their lives, and heal those in distress with energy work, psychic readings, and mediumship. With varied experience working in fairs and expos, private parties and events, and co- conducting message circles, KIKI is always meeting new people, hearing new stories, and touching lives as she heals and leaves a positive imprint on those who surround her. KIKI is a highly compassionate, grounded, detail oriented, accurate, and always ethical psychic-medium, priding herself on the work she does every day to help those around her to meld into the most beautiful versions of themselves they can be.


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