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Active Enlightenment w/ Mark Mezadourian

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Enlightenment is an active process, not a static state. Where outdated ideas about enlightenment focused on deprivation and separation (celibacy, poverty, cave sitting), we currently live in an age of abundance and inclusion. In truth, there is plenty of everything, - love, peace, wellness, money, support and guidance. This workshop is designed to get us into action and be receptive to our highest good. During this gentle experiential process, our team of guides will join us in doing each of the practical action steps listed below, which make our world expansive, peaceful and focused on love. The result is expanded intuition, a clear sense of self and experiencing the joy of being alive.

The steps are:
1. Know who you actually are, and what is available to you.
2 Choose to use your free will to connect with God, your angels and guides.
3. Ask them for help. Receive their guidance. Take action on that guidance.
4. Infuse angelic energy into your life by asking the angels to do so.
5. Master your attention by compassionately placing it on yourself and off of others.
6. Vision what you want. What you want, not how it should happen.
7. Recognize that you are here to change.
8. Clear what is not serving you in this lifetime, your past lives, and your ancestry.
9. Forgive everyone for everything, especially yourself. Everyone is doing their best.
10. Allow yourself to be visible, to express yourself and to share your gifts with the world.
11. Take action daily toward manifesting what you want.
12. Receive and give with grace, understanding that you are circulating abundance and there is plenty of everything.
13. Love everyone and everything, including yourself. No matter what.
14. Be grateful for everything in your life.

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Mark Mezadourian is an intuitive specializing in connecting with Angels and Masters. He created the nine week DailyOM course Angelic Infusions: Live the Truth of Who You Are, as well as other audio programs. Mark also offers private Angel Readings, workshops and weekly Angel Circles. For more information or to download free mp3's, please visit:


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