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What we’re about

This group (in Calgary, Alberta, Canada) is for anyone who wants to have fun playing tennis, and meeting new players ...  but we take the game a little seriously: we expect everyone to show up on time to games we sign up for, but we cancel when the weather is bad.

We have found that it is more fun for everyone if players are evenly matched, and so   we require you to state your level of play accurately! We arrange games at different levels, and everyone is restricted to games within their level or below, but may challenge higher levels in Round Robins and Tournaments. To find the levels of play, please Google search "Tennis Canada self-rating scale." DO NOT OVERESTIMATE your level of play, please.

Any player opting out of the game on game day before the game is cancelled is choosing to complicate the game and the life of everyone concerned.  Those players who make it complicated may find that they are excluded from certain events, or that other players don’t want to play with them.  We insist on it remaining UNCOMPLICATED!

Civility is expected to be given and received i.e. organizers will not tolerate lippy, argumentative, disrespectful, rude or arrogant people in the group!  So, play nice with the organizers, and they will play nice with you

So join in, play nice, be considerate of others, and have fun.