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New in Town Meetup Mainz @ Vapiano ( Everyone Welcome )
* * * * * * * * - What kind of event is this? - Start your weekend just right! Come over to our New in Town Drinks Event ( Everyone Welcome!) at the very nice venue Vapiano, in order to Meet and Greet with the International Comunitee! :) - But.. When? - A date will be set as soon as someone has volentered to be the face to face event host. - What more needs to be said? - Scroll down if you want to know all details... Or just be there :) * * * * * * * * - What more needs to be said? - Enjoy your Meetup :)

Vapiano Mainz

Rheinstrasse 4 G · Mainz


What we're about

- Open Expat Meetup Frankfurt -

The Open Expat Meetup Group is there for meeting people who, just like you, are "New in Town" or go like "More Friends More fun!". This is how it goes: first you'll get to know each other on our social meetups - and later on you can welcome the next crew of Newbees together with new friends. This will be fun! Also, and if you want only, enjoy some other great Meetups coming up! And for sure do come out to have a laugh together with the newbees and then usuals on great comedy nights :)

But first.... Let's enjoy great meet and greets also with some locals and long term residents. Who like showing you around the places of Frankfurt on weekendnights for sure.

Don't hesistate - sign up!

- Inti Culti -

"Inti Culti". Sounds great! But... What does it mean? Well, anything really. It could mean "Intercultural". It can mean "Into Culture". It's what you want it to be!

In short terms: "Inti Culti" might very well be the new cool, awesome & wunderbahr all in one :)

- Social -

Drinks, Dinners, Coffee... The usual social events. And in this group in the intercultural, international, intersectional, inclusive + save & social way. We're very international indeed and if you prefer to read it all in just one sentence: it really is about great socialisers for all!

If this sounds like fun, then just sign up and be there :)

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