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- Open Expat Meetup Frankfurt -

The Open Expat Meetup Group is there for meeting people who, just like you, are "New in Town" or go like "More Friends More fun!". This is how it goes: first you'll get to know each other on our social meetups - and later on you can welcome the next crew of Newbees together with new friends. This will be fun! Also, and if you want only, enjoy some other great Meetups coming up! And for sure do come out to have a laugh together with the newbees and then usuals on great comedy nights :)

But first.... Let's enjoy great meet and greets also with some locals and long term residents. Who like showing you around the places of Frankfurt on weekendnights for sure.

Don't hesistate - sign up!

- Inti Culti -

"Inti Culti". Sounds great! But... What does it mean? Well, anything really. It could mean "Intercultural". It can mean "Into Culture". It's what you want it to be!

In short terms: "Inti Culti" might very well be the new cool, awesome & wunderbahr all in one :)

- Social -

Drinks, Dinners, Coffee... The usual social events. And in this group in the intercultural, international, intersectional, inclusive + save & social way. We're very international indeed and if you prefer to read it all in just one sentence: it really is about great socialisers for all!

If this sounds like fun, then just sign up and be there :)

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Stuck@home virtual Social for Expats & Locals

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Since regulations probably won’t allow the return to physical meetings, this will be a videoconference Meetup (we use Zoom.us). Enter Meeting ID:[masked] Important: password needed to enter the meeting: ALsz98 This is the perfect meetup if you’re new in town, keen to meet people from all over the world or Germans (who for whatever reason also join us a lot). Main language of the Meetup is English, some German may also be spoken if all participants agree. All ages, nationalities, religions and genders welcome, looking forward to meet open-minded, tolerant people.

New in Town Meetup Mainz @ Vapiano ( Everyone Welcome )

* * * * * * * * - What kind of event is this? - Start your weekend just right! Come over to our New in Town Drinks Event ( Everyone Welcome!) at the very nice venue Vapiano, in order to Meet and Greet with the International Comunitee! :) - But.. When? - A date will be set as soon as someone has volentered to be the face to face event host. - What more needs to be said? - Scroll down if you want to know all details... Or just be there :) * * * * * * * * - What more needs to be said? - Enjoy your Meetup :)

"Culti Drinks" Starting @ Konstablerwache Frankfurt ( Bring your Smartphone )

* * * * * * * * - What kind of event is this? - Enjoy your weekend just right! Come over to our "Culti Drinks Meetup", in order to Meet and Greet with the International community! :) ( Everyone Welcome ) - Culti Drinks? - Culti Drinks stands for getting together with a group of relative strangers - just to get self organized with the speed of light :) We meet, we drink a cop of coffee, and we go into town - without having leaders or followers around! Keep on reading to learn how this works. - Starbucks??? - No worries :). Starbucks closes at 9PM. So just come to Starbucks at or as close to 8PM as possible. After one drink and after making a plan, the entire group will relocate to one of the many nice bars in this area :) So please be there as close to 8PM as possible, and not as close to 9PM as possible ;) - Smartphone? - Bring your smartphone! After arival, just check your smarphone in order to read where the others are inside the venue. If there are no comments yet... Than be the first to let the others know where you are, plus please describe how you are dressed to make it easy for others to find you :) If you don't have a smartphone, than just use all your other sences to find the group :) * * * * * * * * - Host - There's no host. Other than the Online Host. There only are a lot of people from this group who want to meet eachother :) Feel free to leave a comment on this website or to leave your number so others can come to you. - Limited Number of Sign ups - Untill some days for the event only a limited number of spots will be offered. Closer to date, more spots will be offered. The reason why is that not everyone that signs up 3 weeks in advance also shows up. Plus: this meetup choices for quailty over quantity. And, last but not least: this stabucks has 60 seats. Not 6, not 600... No... 60 :) - Costs - Pay as you go - What more needs to be said? - Enjoy your Meetup :) * * * * * * * *

New in Town Meetup @ Vapiano (Everyone Welcome, Bring your Smartphone)

* * * * * * * * - New in Town Meetup - Let's Meet and Greet the New In Town! ( Less New in Town are just as welcome:) - Drinks - Vapiano is an easy to find, and therefor great place to meet the New in Town.... That's why your evening in town will start right here! - Number of Sign Ups - This event stands for qaulity over kwantity. Having this said, if there are no spots DO press the button for notifications when more spots open, because in the last week before the event new spots will be offered. - Smartphone? - Bring your smartphone! Otherwise it wont be easy to find the group. If you don't have a smartphone, than finding the group wont be easy. * * * * * * - Welcome Each Other - There is an on site event host - but there is no actual event host - so let's welcome each other :). In order to make this happen, this meetup is based on... Spontaneous Leadership :) Please consider printing a Meetup Sign and bring it, if you are the first to arrive please find a table and drop a comment on the meetup site informing others where in the venue you are and for example what kind of jersey /shirt / jumper you are wearing - please mention the color too :) * * * * * * * * If people can drop a mobile number to call, this would be perfect :).If no one does a thing... Than nothing will happen :) BTW, in many cities where Culti Group (http://www.cultigroup.com/) is active, people like this kind of meetups a lot! - What more needs to be said? - There's no need to dine at home first - Vapiano has food and drinks :) * * * * * *

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Stuck@home virtual Social for Expats & Locals

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