Testival Meetup #56

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HUB385 by rent24

Petračićeva ul. 6 · Zagreb

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Petračićeva 6 10000 Zagreb Zagreb, Croatia

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🎤 Introduction (about 10 minutes total)

At the beginning of every meetup, we like to get to know each other a bit better. Prepare to say a sentence or two about yourself.

💻 Regular talks (10-30 minutes each)

All speakers will get a free ticket for WebCamp Zagreb 2020(!) conference and Testival goodies (T-shirt, the bag...)

☝️ Niko Mađar (Lemax) - Load Testing Web Applications

A talk about load testing of web applications. Why it's important and what do you need to successfully do it and get meaningful results. A general introduction and real-world examples.

✌🏿Željko Filipin (https://filipin.eu/) - Software Testing Anti-patterns

Željko (https://filipin.eu/) wrote his first lines of code on ZX Spectrum. He is testing software for more than a decade. Also, he is one of the organizers of Testival (https://testival.eu/) monthly meetups and a yearly conferences. In free time Željko likes to read, run and play various instruments. Usually not everything at the same time.

I've noticed that many people, even people with a lot of experience in software development, don't have much experience with software testing. I've recently read this article and it nicely sums up my observations and thoughts. I would like to explain each anti-pattern and have a discussion with the audience.

Software Testing Anti-patterns (http://blog.codepipes.com/testing/software-testing-antipatterns.html)

⚡️ Lightning talks (5 minutes each)

Apply at the event.

💰 Sponsor

Repsly - https://www.repsly.com/

"We drive high performing field teams."

☕️ After the meetup

We will continue the conversation at HUB 385.

🚗 How to find us

HUB 385 ground floor lobby
Petračićeva 6
Zagreb, Croatia