What we're about

Motorcycle group for riders interested in dual sport/adventure rides around the Austin area and Hill Country.

The idea is to post all TARA (http://www.texasadventure.net/) and TWT (https://www.twtex.com/forums/) events happening in the area, as well as include smaller events organized by members of the group.

The group is not exclusive to dirt rides, some rides will be paved only.


Upcoming events (3)

TARA's Monthly Meet & Greet

Opal Divine’s Austin Grill

All riders are welcome and encouraged to join us.

Ride your motorcycle if you want. Drive your car if that works better for you.

The main point is to get together, make new friends, visit with old friends, and talk about dual sport adventure motorcycling.

There is no cost to attend other than what you spend on eating and drinking.

Feel free to come early or stay late.

TARA's Monthly Dual Sport Ride

Texaco Dripping Springs

The Austin TARA (Texas Adventure Riders Association) Chapter sponsors a monthly dual sport adventure ride the first Saturday of every month. All riders are invited to attend.

We meet at 8:30 am at the Texaco gas station/convenience store, 18901 Hamilton Pool Road, Dripping Springs, 78620 (intersection of Hwy 12 and Hamilton Pool Rd/3238). Stands up at 9 am.

There is no designated ride leader for the monthly ride (i.e. no one is in charge). Riders self-organize into small groups and then enjoy a fun day in the Texas hill country.

We have two options for routes.

1. There are 12 different planned routes, one for every month of the year. These planned routes do not always include dirt because of the distance we have to ride west from Austin to get to the dirt. The shorter pavement only routes include the best pavement to be found in the hill country (outside of the 3 Twisted Sisters). The routes that include dirt tend to be longer due to the distance we have to ride to get to dirt. Click here to go to the page with the gpx files for the monthly rides.

Jan: Wimberley, 126 miles, pavement only, 1 low water crossing
Feb: Luckenbach, 182 miles, some dirt
Mar: Willow City Loop, 174 miles, pavement only
April: San Saba, 226 miles, dirt
May: Fredericksburg, 229 miles, dirt
June: Johnson City, 124 miles, a little dirt, beautiful low water crossing
July: Marble Falls, 141 miles, pavement only
Aug: Round Mountain, 132 miles, dirt
Sep: Kendalia, 147 miles, some dirt, beautiful low water crossing
Oct: James River, 225 miles, dirt, largest water crossing in Texas (very slick)
Nov: Pontotoc, 222 miles, dirt
Dec: Burnet, 151 miles, pavement only

2. Your second choice is to pick one of the five dirt rides and ride it instead of the planned monthly route.
Ride 1 - San Saba, 229 miles
Ride 2 - Pontotoc, 222 miles
Ride 3 - Onion Creek, 197 miles
Ride 4 - James River, 225 miles
Ride 5 - Upper Sisterdale Road, 180 miles

You can find the gpx for the routes here: http://www.texasadventure.net/hill-country-day-rides/

All routes are suitable for any street legal dual sport or adventure bike. There is no public single track or off-road riding in the hill country so all routes are ridden on public roads.

What if the weather is bad? The ride still occurs. There is a chance you may be the only rider to show up, but the ride is never cancelled. This way, no matter what the weather forecast, those riders who want to ride always have a scheduled ride.

What if there is an event (such as a rally) scheduled for that same weekend? The first Saturday ride is still on. This way those riders who aren't attending the other ride/rally have a scheduled Saturday ride they can attend.

What if someone else is organizing a day ride on Sunday? The Saturday ride is still happening. Any and all other rides are in addition to the monthly Saturday ride, not a replacement for the Saturday ride.

The first Saturday ride is never cancelled. It is always on.

More info: https://www.twtex.com/forums/threads/tara-monthly-dual-sport-adventure-ride.126699/

Gila Monster Dual Sport Adventure Rally

Hidden Springs Inn


This event is a dual sport adventure rally, suitable to any street legal dual sport or adventure bike. There are a plethora of both paved and dirt roads in the area, and a bunch still needing to be scouted out by our group. We have proven tracks - dirt and pavement - and a bunch of roads we want to explore. So whether you are a newbie or a old grizzled veteran and whether you ride a lightweight dual sport or a full-sized adventure bike, there is great riding here for you.


- Sunday, Aug 22: check-in at ride headquarters, Hidden Springs Inn, Reserve, NM 6-8 pm (note that the Hidden Springs Inn is located about 7.5 miles outside of Reserve)
- Monday - Friday: ride where you want, when you want
- Friday, Aug 27, 6 pm, banquet
- Saturday, Aug 28, end of rally

More info: https://www.twtex.com/forums/threads/gila-monster-dual-sport-adventure-rally-aug-22-28-2021.126259/

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North Area Monthly Meet & Greet

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