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Hello! Welcome to a group for people who like to hike, camp, canoe, and kayak. All these activities are more enjoyable and safest when done with others. And this is the place to meet others in southern Oklahoma and northern Texas. Yay! Bring your camera, because it also seems to attract some very good nature photographers.

The advantage of a local group, over one of the larger statewide groups is, for example, the ability to schedule a local group "meet and greet" potluck. Or members who live close to one another might share roof rack space or carpool. Another advantage is that, since members are local, shorter notice is needed for impromptu 'Hey who wants to go paddle or hike this afternoon' meetups.

On the other hand, I strongly encourage membership in the larger statewide Texas and Oklahoma groups too, because of their economy of scale. For example, here are two groups to which I belong:


There are many others.

So you might be asking yourself, "What equipment do I need to join TOE?"

The answer is...very little. We have spare kayaks, canoes, and life vests (pfd's) if you are just learning, or don't have one. Need a compass, we've got one. Need a backpack, you can borrow one of those too. Need hiking boots? Sorry, you have to get your own. But we do have a spare tent, or two, or three.

TOE is free to join and free to attend. Bringing people together is important. And all Americans should have the opportunity to appreciate the unique natural beauty of our nation.

This group is intended for adults, with or without families. Bring the kids! Come as a single! Bring your grandma! Bring your girlfriend! Bring your parents! But unfortunately no unaccompanied minors are allowed at any meetup. So sorry unaccompanied minors :-(

So stop sitting at home all weekend. Dust off that boat that thinks it is occupying Wall Street in your garage. Pull out that sad little tent in your closet, and make its day by giving it a purpose in life! Join TOE and get out more! You will maintain or increase your fitness. You will enjoy the outdoors. You will nourish your soul. You will have more friends in the event of a zombie apocalypse. And your facebook page will be much more interesting than all those slugs sitting at home sharing lolcat pics!*

*Er...unless it is a really really cute lolcat pic. Or one with a puppy and a lolcat. I am just such a sucker for those...

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