Capitol Toastmasters Club (Bangkok) Meets Every Non-holiday Tuesday

Capitol Toastmasters Community Club Meetup
Capitol Toastmasters Community Club Meetup

Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel

2fl Sukhumvit Room · Bangkok


250 Sukhumvit Road



Welcome to our Meet-up page.

It would be great if you could make it to one of our meetings, but due to the nature of Meet-up, three things to note.

First, Meet-up is only one media we use to attract visitors and new members.

While the number who are saying they are attending on this page might be quite low, most meetings are attended by 25 to 35 people.

So, if you see that only a few people are coming on Meet-up, you can be certain, the meeting will be quite busy. Here are three pictures from recent meetings held at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit.

Second, google maps will not let us add the correct location. We are at the Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel which is near BTS Asoke Station. Just follow the signs to the hotel.

Finally, while we have a weekly announcement, which will include holidays, we do not meet on holidays. If you know Meet-up, you will know haw much effort it is to make changes and add meetings, so we just run it every week and hope people will realize that we do not met on holidays.

Toastmasters is a non-profit organization that originated in the USA.

What is Toastmasters?

Toastmasters have helped many members in their community service activities. Using the speaking and leadership skills developed in Toastmasters, people have become more active in business, service and charity organizations. Toastmaster’s members are able to organize activities, conduct meetings and speak in public as their organization's representative. Some even become active in local, state or national governments.

The objective to be a member is the best way to improve your communication skills. Lose your fears of public speaking and learn skills that will help you be more successful in whatever path you've chosen in life.

The mission of a Toastmasters club is to provide a mutually supportive and positive learning environment in which every member has the opportunity to develop communication and leadership skills, which in turn foster self-confidence and personal growth.

Toastmasters will give you the skills and confidence you need to express yourself in any situation. Whether you’re a professional, student, parent, or retiree, Toastmasters is the best way to build great communication skills. You’ll learn to relax, plan and present a great speech, whether you have 10 days to prepare - or just 10 seconds. You’ll learn and practice in a friendly, comfortable environment with people who share the same goal - to become better communicators.

At Toastmasters everyone talks - that’s why you’re there! You’ll build quick-thinking skills as you’re asked to give an impromptu speech during Table Topics. Later, you may be the one asking questions. Eventually you’ll introduce speakers, give prepared speeches, conduct meetings, and perform many other roles.

Constructive evaluation is the heart of the Toastmasters learn-by-doing program. An evaluator will be assigned to you each time you give a prepared speech. Your evaluator will point out your strengths and offer suggestions for improving your next speech. At first you’ll be applauded for your efforts; later you’ll be applauded for your skill.

You can’t learn to be a leader in a day; it takes practice. In Toastmasters you’ll build leadership skills by organizing and conducting meetings and motivating others to help you. You can earn leadership awards by working on a project related to your personal or professional life, or by serving as a leader in your club.

Toastmaster Clubs welcome anyone with a need or a desire to improve their communication and leadership skills in a friendly and supportive environment. Come and learn more about Toastmasters International and its 170,000 members in over 8,000 clubs worldwide.

Toastmasters Clubs meet in thousands of communities -- and corporate conference rooms -- in more than 60 countries around the world. Each year new groups are organized in places like Sarawak, Malaysia, and Los Angeles, California. Some are organized by experienced Toastmasters, while others are organized by people completely new to the organization.

Toastmasters has helped thousands of people achieve more in all aspects of their lives. Using the speaking and leadership skills developed in Toastmasters, people have become more active in business, churches, and service and charity organizations. Toastmasters members are able to organize activities, conduct meetings, and speak in public as their organization's representative. Some even become active in local, state, or national government.

Learn to:

• give better sales presentations
• hone your management skills
• work better with fellow employees
• effectively develop and present ideas
• offer constructive criticism
• accept criticism more objectively

Toastmasters produces results. Around the world more than three million men and women of all ages and occupations have benefited from Toastmasters training, and more than one thousand corporations, community groups, universities, associations, and government agencies now use Toastmasters training.

4) Who are behind the success of this organization and why you are doing this?

The members are behind the success, without people taking up the challenge to learn how to be better speakers and to invite business colleagues, friends etc. to join the meetings the organization wouldn’t be able to grow as it does.

I am a Toastmaster to learn to be a better speaker and to meet like-minded people.

5) Any other issues you'd like to cover

Yes, we would like to stress that we are a club, not a class. That people learn by coming and taking part in the club on a regular basis. That to learn leadership skills, also an important part of the Toastmasters, people need to commit to leadership roles.

Come along and have some fun…

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