Core Data Technology from 2 of the Top Banks in Thailand

This is a past event

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Talk #1: What I Learned from Attending the Data Council Conference @ SF 2019
Language: English
Speaker: Kan Ouivirach - Lead Software Architect, Pronto Tools

I had a chance to attend the last Data Council Conference @ SF in April. It was totally a great experience. I met awesome people there and learned a lot from them. In this meetup, I'd like to share my experience and give you some reasons why you should attend it. :)

PS. This is a short talk. It would take around 10-15 minutes.


Talk #2: Annotation Intent Identification (AI2), the first NLP core technology at SCB
Language: English
Speaker: Sorratat Sirirattanajakarin - Data Scientist, Data Science Division @ SCB

Building scalable, maintainable and automaticable annotation intent identification named AI^2, which enhancing marketing campaign performance 5 times compared with traditional model.


Talk #3: Enterprise Data Hub
Language: Thai
Speaker: Nattamol Vittayakasemsont - Advance Enterprise Architect, Kasikorn Business Technology Group

Architecture design, database selection, and use case to build the enterprise data hub. The core data providers which support > 75% from 400++ applications in the bank.


Recording: The event will go live on Facebook and posted to the Facebook group here: The slides will be uploaded after the event.

There will be opportunity for 1-2 lightning talks of 5 minutes in length. If interested, feel free to submit your topics. :)