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Chakra Balancing,  Yoga Nidra or Sound Therapy Private

Chakra Balancing is a holistic therapy aimed at balancing the Chakras through esoteric, new age & ancient practices. The session opens with mantra meditation for tranquility, peace of mind, protection, allowing your vibration to tune into the session before it begins. In this session, you can experience a guided chakra meditation with a pendulum whereby Belinda will Check each chakra, how it spins & if there are any blockages. After that, you will use your intuition to tap into the Chakras with tarot for each chakra. The session ends with a combined crystal healing & sound bath session whereby Belinda uses the bowls with the aid of the crystals to clear the blocked/ overactive Chakras. She uses yoga Nidra to help you get into a deep state of relaxation whereby you will be bathed in sound and crystals. The session ends with a chat & reflection & you will receive your own chakra analysis workshop for future reference.

Private sessions are available on request. Journaling Balloon offers Chakra Balancing sessions through holistic healing modalities. A session inc a Chakra check & amp; Chakra balancing through singing bowls, Yoga Nidra and Crystals. The session ends with a tarot reading based on the Chakras, giving you further guidance on balancing the Chakras.

She has completed her 500 hrs of YTT in Traditional Hatha Yoga in India & is a lifelong student of learning about spirituality, human nature & behavior. She is obsessed with the Chakra system & builds all her workshops around understanding the mind-body connection & the dynamic make up of your energy body.

Get in touch to book a session!

Chakra Balancing Sessions are priced at:
1500 baht for the first session (1h30)
1200 baht for a top-up session (If you would like a session longer than the normal one)
1200 baht for old students (people that have seen Belinda before)

Yoga Nidra Sessions are priced at:
45 mins @ 850 THB

Yoga Nidra & Sound Therapy are priced at:
1 hour @ 1200 THB

July 15th - August 4th
*Inquire for available times

Payments can be made to:
The HOME Network
Bangkok Bank[masked]

OR you can send us a message and we will send you a Request for Payment.

*Via your banking app or through Cash Deposit Machine (CDM)
**You can also make your payment through our page via a Request for Payment, please message us at The HOME BKK to book your spot!

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