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What we’re about

The AfroFuturist Agenda hosts discussions on how technological innovation affects the lives of Africans and people of African descent worldwide. The purpose of this group is to meet new people, learn about technology innovations, and foster healthy discussions about the relationship between technology and the well-being of marginalized communities in our country and abroad.

This meetup is for self-proclaimed Futurists - people who imagine possible distant futures for humanity and how those futures can emerge from the present. Please join if you respect Black people and African-centered cultural perspectives, and you either identify as an Afro Futurist or Black Futurist, or you enjoy engaging with like-minded others about how science, technology, mythology, and the Black speculative arts influence and predict how Africans and people of African descent will continue to thrive against all odds.

Look forward to lively, healthy, interactive, online conversations, brainstorming sessions, and virtual networking events. We may discuss movies, books, music, articles, current events, and anything else related to science, technology, mythology, and the future of African people and descendants of Africans worldwide.