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Come join us for a journey of self discovery, an adventure of sex meditation and philosophy all woven together. We'll be exploring into the mythical worlds of Tantra, Yoga, Zen and Taoism, experiencing the depth each has to offer, and find the cohesive element which leads to a fuller, richer experience of our own lives. These meetups are aimed towards yogis and non-yogis alike, towards Tantrikas and newbies, Zen monks and trance dancers. All that is required is an inquisitive heart which is curious and open to learn~


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Erotic Tantra Sensual Body Touch Orgasmic Yoni-Lingam Massage!

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Greetings Art of Adoration Explorers -- Art of Intimacy & Touch~ **Yes, this will be a sacred & safe environment, to relax open up into -- **No partner is necessary to attend this workshop, come 1 come all -- **Will be going over the Orgasmic aspects of erotic touch in tantra! **This will be a Tantra 3 workshop of delightful heighten energy exchange & mystery! To heighten & unlock your true sexual energetic power & pleasure?? And start to bring in the love , peace , joy back into your life! Here you'll understand how the mind-body-spirit-soul aspect of the Tantra practices can transform not only your relationships, but also every other part of your life & your career, your finances, your friendships and every area of life! ~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*­<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<­>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>­*~ What you can benefit from this exploration event gather: *Activates Higher States of Consciousness *Brings in a calm & peaceful oneness within *Unlocks Blocked Emotions *Increase blood flow to the genitals *Increase stamina and sexual energy *Improve sexual health & function *Experience deeper connection with your partner *Enjoy wave upon wave of rich, full-body orgasms *Achieve harder, longer-lasting erections *Prevent prostate cancer *Hormone balancing *Increase lubrication and sexual pleasure *Reverse the aging process What to bring(a must bring): - Any Pillows, Blankets, a Towel, a Yoga Mat, a Robe or cover, some kind of blindfold~ - Anything to enhance your Experience (feathers, blindfolds, body oils, etc) - Snacks , water etc., open heart & willingness to learn~ When: Sunday Jan. 27th -- Doors open at 5:30pm - 10:oopm Welcome Circle at 6:oo pm (Give yourself some time to find parking) Cost Exchange: Single Men: -$115 -- special discount before 24th~ Single Women: -$35 -- special discount discount before 24th~ Couples or Paired Partners: -$105 ~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~~*<>*~ Location Given Upon Registration & RSVP on Meet-up -- https://www.eventbrite.com/e/erotic-tantra-sensual-body-touch-orgasmic-yoga-massage-tickets-55197718863 We are all but waves - so let us wave together in the cosmic waves - an ocean of blissful waving sensations locked in an eternal embrace!! In the Unboundless of Joy, Respect, Peace, Warmth, and Love ~ ~There are no strangers here, only friends you haven't yet met!? --William Butler Yeats Be well, all the best~ -- Namaste` -- The Organizers of -- Art-of-Adoration

The Tantric Arts of Sex, Energy, Power, & Intimacy

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You can RSVP here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-tantric-arts-of-sex-energy-power-intimacy-tickets-52329003458 In this 4 day workshop, Lawrence Lanoff, Monique Darling, Peter Petersen, and Shezza will be inviting you on an exploration of energy in your body. Get ready to peel off the layers to experience a new level of sensation and ecstasy, through your birthright of Sex, Pleasure, Power, and Intimacy. All through the lense of Tantra, and just how good you can feel in YOUR body. It’s very very rare for Lawrence to do a Live event these days, so get it while you can. Many of you have been hearing about him for years, or you came to our workshops years ago when he was touring, either way, now is your chance to experience his one of a kind brilliance, your life will never be the same! Tantra is a way of life. Within the mundane, struggle, chaos, and beauty of this human journey, we get to remember that love is always present. The meaning of life is to learn how to love In every moment no matter what we might be experiencing. Love begins and ends with ourselves as we discover the eternal, exalted One within. As we live from that place, our life becomes a blessing to others and the whole world. The human body is regarded as a temple for the Divine, worthy of devotion, sacred admiration, and intense pleasure beyond imagination. The more we are able to love, accept, and truly embody our vehicle, the more delicious and empowered we become. We hold a space where your feelings are 100% welcomed, because on the other side of all of your emotions is the bliss of your being where you can ride waves of energetic currents and possibilities. By FEELING all of your emotions, you are able to fully allow life-force energy to flow through your entire body and expand your capacity for greater pleasure. Through guided visualization, breath, sounds, and movement, we will energetically open in this safe and sacred space. Connecting with wonder, curiosity and awareness we will celebrate ourselves and our reflections. We will explore a whole variety of massage techniques, including the five elements, deep tissue, yoni and lingam massage, and sensual touch, exploring how to increase orgasm and full body pleasure. We will also learn many practices of massaging for your own pleasure. Here is a secret... “The opposite of pleasure is even MORE pleasure” As you peel your layers and reveal the tender heart inside, you expose and share that which seems most unacceptable. Here, you find yourself met with eyes of love, respect and understanding. This program aims to awaken our infinite, unexpressed potential. Come as you are - leave all you can be. Plan to go deep and be vulnerable in authentic relating exercises, discovering how to be present for ourselves and others. As we truly embody the art of Self Love, we can compassionately help others to unconditionally love themselves. Be ready to discover a clear path for tapping into your natural abilities for creating the life you desire where all of you is celebrated. We will be using our sexual energy to claim and allow these desires to come alive in the world (sex magic). Come share YOU and allow the community to help amplify your truth! Sexual energy is a profound whole-body healer and can bring forth delicious feelings of bliss and ecstasy from endorphin release. All 4 days with 4 fabulous teachers filled with vast experience for only $497 early bird price!! Plus a special Valentines date night (and another special evening practice to deepen your pleasure) This includes a healthy lunch (breakfast and dinner are on your own) There are a few upgrades available for onsite accommodations and many Airbnb’s in the local area Limited space, only 16 tickets will be sold Please get yours today This rare collaboration will Sell Out! RSVP HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/the-tantric-arts-of-sex-energy-power-intimacy-tickets-52329003458

2019 Transformational Intensive for Extraordinary Facilitators

Announcing the 2019 Transformational Intensive for Extraordinary Facilitators. It's our fifth year, and each one gets better than the last!! This year it’s in Big Island, Hawaii! This is an incredibly sacred and beloved land that has my friend Robert Silber’s vision for many years. He is the steward, and loves sharing the bounty of the land with our community This price includes a bed at the retreat center, food, all the incredible nightime activites, a beautiful land to explore, plus who wouldn't want to be in Hawaii in November? There is also a watsu pool and facilitators available for hire. 7 days, 9 extraordinary teachers, and we are opening registration for just 20 attendees (Our first ticket has already sold) Every year we have sold out!!! RSVP now : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2019-transformational-intensive-for-extraordinary-facilitators-tickets-54577419531 This is the greatest creative inspiration I have ever created. It's a culmination of my life's work thus far. I have spent twelve years now traveling the country learning and practicing these tools and now I want to share them with you. So many of you have asked for the steps, for a training to be able to do what I do, well I'm going to offer you one better.... I'm going to offer you an intensive, a "Monique Boot Camp" if you will, with myself and some other extraordinary facilitators, to help you find out what's in the way of you being able to offer your greatest gift to the world to your clients, workshop attendees, partners, every aspect of your life, YOU! You are the gift!! Let's start with the dates Oct 31 - Nov 7, 2019 I have assembled some of the most incredible facilitators on the planet into one place; This year’s lineup includes Lawrence Lanoff, Monique Darling, Peter Petersen, Shawn Roop, Cathy Vartuli, Shezza Walters, Sasha Rose Love and Jade Rajbir Kaur, Emily Orum (and we may have a few surprise guest teachers as well!!!) International experts in the disciplines of : Authenticity and Vulnerability Sacred S@xuality Radical Self Acceptance Personal Accountability Energetic Mastery Tantra Orgasmic Touch Personal Rapport Fearless Relating Practitioner Financial Stability (business savvy to make money doing what you love) It will be limited to 20 participants, an intimate group, that will eat together, sleep together, learn, expand, and transform together in a gorgeous private off-grid festival and retreat center on the Big Island of Hawaii mere minutes from the beach. I have crammed the juiciest, the most divine, the most potent things I have learned into these 7 days. This will push you. Wherever you are at in your practice, whether you are just getting started and could use a wider range of tools, or you have been facilitating for years and have reached a plateau, or you are going strong but in danger of settling into a comfort zone. This will invite you to new levels, to deeper depths. I am offering the steps that I took (concentrated), real world tools for practitioners who are ready to take their next step, fundamentals for advanced studies, including offering my top mistakes and the greatest gifts I got from them, so you won't have to make them! RSVP : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2019-transformational-intensive-for-extraordinary-facilitators-tickets-54577419531 I call it a Transformational Intensive for Extraordinary Facilitators. It's $2997 for the first one to buy, then $3247 for the next 3 of you who join, it's only $3497 after that. There is a payment plan that works like this. $1,500 down (nonrefundable), $1,500 by June, and the final $1,000 by Sep 1st, or pay $500 per month after the downpayment. Whether you go with the payment plan or pay it all up front you will want to get your tickets soon because … SAVE YOUR SPOT HERE: RSVP : https://www.eventbrite.com/e/2019-transformational-intensive-for-extraordinary-facilitators-tickets-54577419531 (LIMITED TO 20 participants)

Tantric Practitioner Training, Lake Atitlan Guatemala

In the tantric tradition, life is an opportunity to experience the Divine in every moment. Within the mundane we find beauty, opening our senses to truly experience the extraordinary in the ordinary. The human body is regarded as a temple, worthy of devotion, sacred admiration, and intense pleasure beyond imagination. There are so many benefits to tantra that our current world is aching for: Connection Healing Embodiment Presence Intimacy Transformation Awakening Sexual Aliveness It’s not a surprise that so many people are interested in exploring tantra and those numbers are sure to grow. As a dikini (female tantric practitioner) or daka (tantric male practitioner) you will learn to feel, touch, and use the energy in your body for transformation. You'll be lovingly invited to explore yourself emotionally and sexually to discover who you are when all your judgments and fears are not controlling your life. From there you will be able to hold that space for others, creating a shame free container that values our own and other’s boundaries and desires. This is the basis of trust and connection whether we are working with a lover or a client. We will explore breath, sound, and movement and how they can be used to release trauma and open us to ecstatic bliss. We will learn a whole variety of massage techniques, including the five elements, deep tissue, yoni and lingum massage, and sensual touch, exploring how to increase orgasm and full body pleasure. We will also learn the healing practice of massaging for your own pleasure. As we will be doing this at Lake Atitlan, home of the cacao ceremony, we will enjoy the cacao medicine and understand how it fits so perfectly with tantra as they are both potent heart openers. We will also go deep into vulnerable and authentic relating exercises, discovering how to be present for ourselves and others. As we truly embody the art of Self Love, we can compassionately help others to unconditionally love themselves. Tantra is the path of being of service to the world while not being conditioned by it. It is the unraveling of our false beliefs and limitations so that we can live as love and inspire others to do the same. It means to weave, and the more that we live as love, the more that our magic weaves through the world in our unique way. In this course we will also explore the business of working as a tantric practitioner in whatever way we are called. Please join us on this profound tantric journey, whether you are wanting to become a dakini or daka, wanting to add to any skills you already have, or simply for your own personal or relationship joy and discovery. We will also have time to swim in the lake, dance at the famous cacao dance, and enjoy the beauty of this incredibly powerful place of Mayan culture where people from all over the world come to grow and become more of who they really are. This is most certainly a very special vortex of fun and transformation. We will also have be offering an optional sacred ceremony at the end and the opportunity to visit beautiful hot springs Fuentes Georginas. Please ask us if you are interested! Singles and couples are welcome. We will help you to get to and from the venue but you are also welcome to stay longer and enjoy this beautiful place.Please be aware that there is a short hike to get to the retreat space. It will be well worth it, but you do need to be prepared for a mountain trek. More info here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/tantric-practitioner-training-wmonique-darling-peter-petersen-shezza-tickets-46515182162

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