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Everything Revolves Around Love - Sound of Soul - In Person Event

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LorraineV and Jessica R.
Everything Revolves Around Love - Sound of Soul  - In Person Event


"Everything revolves around love. It always does. No matter how much we rush about in this world and how harried, ambitious, or sorrowful we become, the world stays together for some reason. The reason is God’s love.
God’s love is the fabric that draws us all and keeps us here. It makes the whole work, even though sometimes it looks like nothing is working at all.
– Harold Klemp, ECK Wisdom on Relationships, P. 1

Singing or Chanting HU can help you:

  • Restore harmony and balance in your daily life.
  • Quiet an anxious heart and calm a fearful mind.
  • Recognize God’s love in action, even in the smallest details of our life.

You are warmly invited to experience and explore HU, the Sound of Soul.
Learn how HU can benefit you and bring more divine love into your daily

It includes:

  • Heart-opening spiritual reading
  • A 15-minute HU chant, followed by quiet contemplation
  • Relaxed spiritual conversation and time for questions and answers

To experience HU for yourself, check out this recording of thousands of people chanting HU. Listen, and enjoy this beautiful contemplative experience. Listen now[] .

To learn more about the HU and how it can work in your life, enjoy this 3-minute, 34-second video at[].

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The Bay Area Spiritual Experiences Group
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