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Where executives of all disciplines: IT, Finance, Accounting, Communications, Human Resources get together with a common focus to assist each other in pursuing new employment opportunities, tackling the challenges of their current positions, and providing a support network to each other.

Networking begins at 7:30 am, meeting starts promptly at 8:00 am.

Be sure to tell your friends and bring them along. Be a part of our growing network of Job Seekers, Hiring Managers, Recruiters, Career Coaches, and people who want to be able to help themselves and each other.
Event Location: Online - Go to http://www.thebreakfastclubnj.com (https://thebreakfastclubnj.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=632095b01ef11536499164cfa&id=079c16fe3c&e=2ba44605fd) for details
Following are the different ways you can maximize the value that you as a member receives as a member of TBCNJ:

TBCNJ Website http://www.thebreakfastclubnj.com (https://thebreakfastclubnj.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=632095b01ef11536499164cfa&id=079c16fe3c&e=2ba44605fd)

How to Join – go to website, on home page click on join, this will take you to TBCNJ Yahoo Group login page – click join this group. If you have a Yahoo ID enter your info – if not create one - Then provide your contact info (name, phone & email) & who your sponsor is (any existing member)There is good valuable reference content to help you in your search on the website

TBCNJ Yahoo Group – our primary communication channel

Manage your membership in the TBCNJ Group Use your yahoo groups account to manage your membership (you have it in your control to send how frequently you receive – individually, digest for day, digest for week and even to opt out if you so desire)Communicate & Collaborate with the group Job Leads & Career Management Advice You will receive and can send email to all group members by sending email to


Introduce Yourself Take your elevator pitch and put it into an email and introduce yourself to the group, what type of position you are looking for, some companies you are targeting and what you can offer to help others in the groupGet info on Targeted Companies Leverage the group to see who works at, has worked at, or knows someone at companies you are targeting. You can learn about the firms culture, levels, comp structure, etc. all critical pieces of info that could help greatly in your searchTurn a unknown opportunity to a known opportunity Responding to “the black hole” by blindly submitting your resume is the least effective way to get a job. Increase your probability of success by leveraging your network (post to TBCNJ Yahoo Group and see if anyone has knowledge of the employer, go to TBCNJ linkedin and see if anyone work’s there, used to work there, or has contacts there, etc.) Then see if you can get a qualified lead into the company.

TBCNJ Meetup Group - http://www.meetup.com/The-Breakfast-Club-NJ (https://thebreakfastclubnj.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=632095b01ef11536499164cfa&id=9b1e7b561e&e=2ba44605fd)

Prior to meetings Joining the group will alert you to when meetings are taking place, who else is attending, who the presenter is, and overview of topic being presentedFor us it helps us understand how many will be attending and for us to plan accordinglyIf you have seen the presenter and can post a positive comment, please do so. This will help us attract new people to the meeting and group.Following the meetings You will have the ability to connect with those that attended and in many cases have a pic to help you place a face with the name as many you didn’t have a chance to follow up in person before leaving the meetingIf you attended the meeting, and can post a positive comment, please do so - and be specific about what you liked about the presenter and/or meeting. This falls under the category of good stewardship, as our presenters are not paid. If we can give them some positive feedback, we should do so.

TBCNJ LinkedIn Group

Joining LinkedIn Group – After joining the Yahoo Group you will receive an invite from our moderator Haresh Keswani to join the TBCNJ LinkedIn Group.Connecting to everyone in TBCNJ LinkedIn Group – Once you receive and accept the invite and are a member of the TBCNJ LinkedIn group then you must put together a request to connect and send it to each other member of the TBCNJ LinkedIn Group and connect with each member directly.

TBCNJ Facebook Group - TheBreakfastClubNJ to join

Joining the Facebook Group – After joining the Yahoo Group you can click on the TBCNJ Facebook Group and request.

Google+ - The Breakfast Club NJ

Joining the Google+ page – After joining the Yahoo Group you can click on the TBCNJ Google+ page.


If you do not have a Twitter account, create your own Twitter account at

www.twitter.com (https://thebreakfastclubnj.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=632095b01ef11536499164cfa&id=acecf26738&e=2ba44605fd)

Once logged into Twitter, click on the following URL

https://twitter.com/breakfastclubnj (https://thebreakfastclubnj.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=632095b01ef11536499164cfa&id=708ff4abbb&e=2ba44605fd)

In the upper right hand corner, click the Follow button

A note about our Social Media platforms –
The TBCNJ Social Media platforms were created for the benefit of our members. This is an excellent medium to share any job search or career specific articles. They are an excellent medium to connect and get to know each other between meetings, on a more personal level. And if you are thinking that you keep your personal and professional profiles separate, be advised that your personal profiles, if they exist, are fair game for recruiters and hiring managers. While this may be a cause for concern for some - it can also be an opportunity to put your best (personal) face forward. It can help define and exhibit your personal brand, highlight any volunteering you may be involved in, and differentiate you from other potential candidates. Not having one or more social media profiles can actually make the recruiter or hiring manager wonder , “what is this candidate trying to hide?”.

Another advantage to having at least one Social Media profile is the ability to plant seeds regarding your job search. You don't necessarily know who your friends' connections. So if you post that you are looking for a position in a particular industry, maybe the soccer coach or neighbor you are 'friends' with may be able to help you. This concept is similar to the 'Unknown Job Market' - the unpublished jobs. With social media platforms, unknown connections may be helpful. And who would want to help you more than someone you are already 'friends' with?

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting on the 2nd Saturday of the month!

Frank Kovacs

http://thebreakfastclubnj.com/ (https://thebreakfastclubnj.us12.list-manage.com/track/click?u=632095b01ef11536499164cfa&id=2827bf3675&e=2ba44605fd)

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The Breakfast Club NJ - Monthly Networking Meeting

Online event

The Breakfast Club NJ Presents: “Your 2021 Career - Becoming a VictOR Rather than a VictIM” presented by Abby Kohut Saturday February 13th at 8:00am Please share this with other groups you may be in. Join us on Meetup.com at: http://www.meetup.com/The-Breakfast-Club-NJ/ to RSVP for the meeting. Presentation: "Your 2021 Career - Becoming a VictOR Rather than a VictIM" We remember 9/11 like it was last week. We felt like our whole world was crumbling. We were glued to the TV set for updates and we expected life to never go back to normal. Things ultimately got better, but each of us was forever changed by the tragedy. Now here we are again. Things changed in a big way nearly overnight. You can't be alive and not be at least a bit unsettled about your career. However...there are things you can do to stay in control of your career and maybe even thrive during these challenging times. We'll discuss these topics and more: 1) How can I network without going to live meetings? 2) Do I really have to become a video interview expert? 3) How can I keep myself motivated? 4) How can I reinvent myself? All attendees will receive a FREE 28 page Job Search Resource Guide About the speaker: Abby Kohut is known in the job search world as Absolutely Abby because she tells the Absolute truth about the job search process. In the past 26 years, Abby has held corporate recruiting positions in a variety of industries and is responsible for helping 10,000 people get hired. Her website AbsolutelyAbby.com, which was selected as one of the “Top 100 Websites for Your Career” by Forbes, teaches candidates secrets the Absolute truth about the job search process that other recruiters won't tell you. AbsolutelyAbby.com was mentioned on CNBC as one of three top websites for career changers and CNBC published an article naming Abby as a Top Career Coach and Recruiter. Abby is one of the “Top 100 Influential People Online” according to Fast Company Magazine and is known as "Ask Abby" on LinkedIn. Since 2012, Abby has been on a mission to help one million job seekers and she drove around the US in an RV in order to accomplish that goal. Her job search adventures were covered by several nationwide TV and radio networks including: Fox 5, Sirius XM, NBC, CBS, ABC, Bloomberg Radio, LinkedIn, Monster, and The Ladders. About the Meeting: Networking begins at 7:45 am, meeting starts promptly at 8:00 am. Be sure to tell your friends and bring them along. Be a part of our growing network of Job Seekers, Hiring Managers, Recruiters, Career Coaches, and people who want to be able to help themselves and each other. Meetup.com We are using meetup.com in order to better promote our monthly meetings and attendance. Please use this link to go to meetup.com and join the group: http://www.meetup.com/The-Breakfast-Club-NJ/ It will take a few seconds and greatly help us to help you and others. Once you join please leave a positive comment, specify by RSVP'ing any meetings you can make and direct people both to our website to join the group http://www.thebreakfastclubnj.com and the meetup.com link. These actions help keep our group strong so it's there when you and others need it! ​

The Breakfast Club NJ - Monthly Networking Meeting

Online event

Ken Lang - "LinkedIn and Networking"

The Breakfast Club NJ - Monthly Networking Meeting

Online event

Andrew O'Hearn - "How to Best Communicate and Connect in the post-COVID Employment"

The Breakfast Club NJ - Monthly Networking Meeting

Online event

Ken Sher - "Handling Difficult Interview Challenges"

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The Breakfast Club NJ - Monthly Networking Meeting

Online event

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