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What we’re about

*Are you new to the Carnivore diet and need support?
*Have you eaten Carnivore for awhile but have recently hit a rough patch?
*Are you Carnivore Curious?
*Are you a Carnivore surrounded by v****s and need some meat-eating friends?

Then this group is for you!

The Carnivore Support Group meets online weekly to provide support, guidance and community to those pursuing a whole foods, animal based diet. The focus of this nutritional group is to improve our health, wellness and vitality through the Carnivore Diet. Most carnivores also experience weight loss, better sleep, reduced inflammation, increased energy and relief from a multitude of health issues.

Join us for a weekly guided discussion and sharing everything Carnivore.

The group is hosted by Stacey B., a life coach and longtime carnivore diet enthusiast.