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F.A.Q. How is the meeting planned: Anyssa and Kathy will facilitate the meeting and keep everyone on track.

First 15 minutes - Networking in groups of 2-4 and letting your accountability partners know what you will be working on.
Next 60 Minutes - Coworking and you can choose to listen to The Coffee House Netowork Podcast posted or pick another topic.
Last 15 minutes - Letting your next set of partners what you got done and if you have a goal for next week.

Build your own coffee / co-working culture where you at in Vancouver, Whistler or anywhere in the world.

• Sign up and we will send you our live location each week ( zoom during COVID Obviously) and how you can also attend online!

• If you have a business and you want to network you can create a profile and post your business on there and continue with your accountability partner as well as get to know others in the meetup better. www.theentrepreneurcollective.com (https://theentrepreneurcollective.mn.co/share/Qm9MzmN1z44TgbFK?utm_source=manual)

• This is a co-ed group and event. Yes, we are produced by Anyssa Jane and The Communication Studio (http://www.thecommunicationstudio.ca) which brings you Women only Girl Gang events like The Ladies Meeting (http://www.theladiesmeeting.com/life-events). This is NOT that!~ Everyone welcome who wants to co-work, learn some leadership and business tools, wants to commit to some co-working time.

• We will drink some coffee ( together or online) and do some co-working and masterminding. ( FYI we don't actually care what you put in your mug!)

Moderation Guidelines:
Some basic ground rules to keep the conversation valuable:

Everyone is welcome in the conversation. Just be friendly and helpful, and add to the conversation.

This event has been created to facilitate deep connections online and provide a space for people to set business/work goals while co-working online. Not everyone here has a business or is here to network but we have a space for that as well. While vendors and consultants are welcome, this is NOT a promotional channel for vendors & consultants or anybody for that matter.
You are invited and totally welcome to go to http://www.theentrepreneurcollective.com - create a profile with your business website, your LinkedIn, to show you are a professional at what you do and you can post your product in the Market Place Group and build “ Know - Like - Trust” here.

While we trust that you know what that means, here are some explicit boundaries for what is appropriate: Please do not post your website or events in the chatbox while we are co-working

***We recommend shutting down other social media as well so you feel successful at the end of our 90 minutes.

If someone asks a question about YOUR product or service, and you can provide a helpful answer, that’s ok. (Please don’t try to puppeteer this by asking your friends to ask a loaded question for you, we can tell )

Please do not Direct Message members to sell your products or services to them. You will receive a single warning, then your login will be suspended.

You may NOT suggest your own products as alternatives to other products.

Sharing links (including your own content) is okay but your posts MUST contain value for people even if they do not click over to your website, with your link being a supplement. As a rule of thumb, you should be contributing to the conversation more often than you are linking to your own stuff.

So what are we looking for during moderation approvals, and how are decisions made?

1. Obvious spam gets deleted

None of us need to see any more spam messages about watches, car insurance, or that little blue pill that rhymes with Niagara, so we delete and ban those automatically. Sales and promotions generally get rejected.

2. Real messages from new people get approved

All new users’ first few posts are manually reviewed before being posted.

As long as you are considerate of the guidelines above, your posts will go through quickly and eventually your posts won’t need to be moderated anymore! Ask questions, ask for help, bounce ideas off of us, and offer help to others based on YOUR experiences. This is all meant to be very supportive guidance to help the community learn who you are!

3. “Linkspam” aka posts with little-to-no content besides a link.

This has become a large % of the posts that we moderate, almost always from vendors or service providers. And this one is also tricky, since sometimes the links being shared can be valuable resources. Please add context as to why and who you feel it will assist.

We want to encourage productive discussions and an environment where coworking peers can help each other solve problems. So in general, we do encourage sharing! It’s how we learn what’s going on, and help each other.

Sharing stuff you create is okay, so long as it’s not the only thing you ever post.

**But “drive-by” promotion does NOT help the community, so please try to avoid it.

Our rule of thumb is that especially if it’s your first post, we discourage posts that link off-list to products, services, and blog posts UNLESS the post offers value in the post contents first.

Instead, we encourage you to join in the conversation, say hello, make an introduction, even share other people’s stuff that you’ve found useful/helpful. Just remember to talk about how you used it, etc.


Yes, you might find some guidance or accountability when it comes to your side gig, or your small business? Yes you might find an accountability co-working partner!

To share your products and business and do business networking create a profile in The Entrepreneur Collective (https://theentrepreneurcollective.mn.co/share/Qm9MzmN1z44TgbFK?utm_source=manual) and go to the Market Place Group and post your shingle and what you have for sale. Then take the time to build some know -like - trust with the group in case they know someone who is a great customer or client for you!

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