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Columbus House of Scribes Virtual Meetup

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Daniel Morris, C.
Columbus House of Scribes Virtual Meetup


As an alternative for those members unable to make it to our regular meetings, we will run a parallel virtual meetup every month.
THE PROMPT: Ah, spring.
DISCUSSION: I Don't Believe It! Cultivating the Suspension of Disbelief in Your Readers
The prompt: Each month, we make available a voluntary prompt by the week before the meetup. Members may choose to write a short piece, fiction or nonfiction, poetry, prose, or script, as long as it conforms to the rules of the prompt.
Prompt Rules : 800 words max.
The discussion: Each month, we have one or more discussion topics related to the art and/or business of writing. We also provide recommended reading, which are topical links to use as a starting point. If you have a topic you would like to cover, let us know!
Critiques: Members can bring copies of a written piece up to 5,000 words to a meetup and distribute it to be critiqued at a subsequent meetup. Alternately, submissions can be emailed to, where they will be placed into a Google Drive accessible to volunteers for critique.

The Columbus House of Scribes
The Columbus House of Scribes
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