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(Formerly known as Triangle Conservatives Unite!)


• The rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are endowed by our Creator. They are not bestowed by government and are predominate over it.

• Government is instituted for the sole purpose of securing these rights and defending human liberty. Military and law enforcement should support the individual's right of private defense, not replace it.

• Law is exercised under the purpose of government to ensure liberty and mediate conflict arising from the infringement of one’s rights by another. Justice is blind and is intended to serve everyone, not just the aggrieved.

• The individual is sovereign over themselves and their property. They are responsible for the extent to which they secure the blessings of liberty through the exercise of their rights and should be free to enjoy the fruits of their labor.


• AMERICAN EXCEPTIONALISM AND SOVEREIGNTY – No nation in the history of mankind has provided the opportunities of America. All allegiance is invested in “We the People”. We have no obligation to the United Nations or any other association of nations. To preserve our sovereignty, we should be energy independent, balance trade, and practice peace through strength.

• RESPONSIBLE GOVERNMENT – It should perform only those tasks necessary to provide for the common defense, protect individual liberty, and mediate disputes as defined within the constraints of the Constitution. A balanced budget will consist of raising only what taxes are necessary to perform those limited duties. There is no provision to levy taxes for the purpose of redistributing wealth in any form through any government program. Voluntary community should be encouraged while involuntary collectivism should be eliminated. Government is ultimately responsible to the people.

• INDIVIDUALISM – Freedom and personal responsibility are linked. Liberty and private property are inseparable. The individual is supremely suited to know what is best for themselves. Our Constitution recognizes the right of the individual’s freedom to succeed or fail in the exercise of their rights and their personal responsibility if they use those rights frivolously or in violation of another’s rights. Families represent the highest organization of individuals.

• MORAL ORDER – There exists right and wrong. Our Constitution recognizes the Laws of Nature and Nature’s God that provide persistent moral truths and guarantees religious freedom.

• EDUCATION REFORM – There are no Constitutional provisions for federal involvement in education. Our system must be reformed in order to return power to the parents through state and local oversight providing ultimate freedom for families to decide what works best for them.


We will support representatives and policies that espouse our beliefs and principles. We will oppose all efforts that don’t.

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