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What we’re about

Welcome to a world of mystery.

Are you seeking a meaningful distraction from the life you have been demanded to participate in? Do you crave more than that which is offered to you? Has the taste of life run stale, replaced with momentary bliss that lacks true fulfillment?

We share these woes.

This group presents a solution to your internal cries. From tame philosophical discussions, to excursions ripped out of nightmares... these experiences are meant to create memories. These adventures are specifically contoured for you and the other participants. They are created with tension, bewilderment, and excitement in mind. None of which you see is real, so question everything.

  • Entry is granted to those who are within the ages of 21 to 30 (Strictly). Tenants located within this site as well as the linked Facebook page should be considered rules that must be followed, not guidelines that are subject to interpretation.
  • This group is for mature audiences only. Although illegal activity is forbidden, some events may bend the rules of morality, and most certainly defy normality.
  • If you find yourself to be someone who is easily offended, scared, content, prone to outbursts of anger, fearful, or lacking imagination then there is a high possibility this group is not for you. Do not infect this group with your lack of wonder.

Reference all rules/tenants below before participating in this group.


- All members must be within the age range of 21-30.

- All topics of conversation are highly encouraged as long as they do not specifically target a member of the group. This group is not considered to be a safe space, people are expected to have opinions and may even be called upon to share their own. This does not mean that this group is an excuse to be hateful and/or derogatory towards any member.

- This group is not meant for the faint of heart. There will be moments that may test or scare you, the purpose is not to have you terrified, merely intrigued. Always remember, to the best of the moderators’ knowledge all that you witness and see is fabricated..

- At the beginning of each event (meeting), all members will be asked to sign in. Sign in method will vary depending on the event.

-Illegal activity of any sort is not permitted under any circumstances. Participants who are using events as a means to conduct illegal enterprise will be required to leave the event and will not be permitted to participate in any future events.

-Events are specifically contoured to reflect the overall presentation of the participants. Although the events may be considered tame at first, they will have the possibility to become more deeply involved and stimulating; depending on the reflected opinion of the majority.

-Bringing outside members who have not been cleared by a moderator (On either Facebook or is not permitted. Although there is no thorough background check that is conducted, it is paramount that each member review all of the rules and be within the determined age range.

Scheduling of Events

-Each event will be scheduled one week in advance. The time and date of the event will be posted as an “Event” on as well as the matching Facebook Group. The location of the event will not be broadcasted until 8am the day of.

-Moderators are open to taking into consideration all participants’ schedules in order to ensure that the best possible turnout can be had. Although moderators will not be commenting/responding to questions or posts on either Facebook or, their responsive actions will reflect the concerns of the participants.

-Locations will vary (Although not drastically) throughout the south shore area. For this reason car-pooling with other members may be in each individual's best interest.

-All members are asked to arrive on time for each event (Specifically not any earlier than the predetermined time), as well as vacating the premises at the predetermined end time.

Upcoming events

No upcoming events