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What we’re about

Have Fun: No matter what event I planned, unless people were having fun, the event wouldn’t be successful. Beyond all else, it is important to make sure we keep planning fun events that keep members interested.
Support Local: In order to keep Raleigh unique, it’s important to support local. This helps create jobs and spur on innovation. Without unique companies and events, we wind up being ordinary and doing ordinary things. That’s not much fun. The majority of our events will be a Raleigh, NC based local establishments.
Do Good: Having fun is great, but there isn’t a much better call to action than supporting a good cause. Good causes make lazy people, like me, get off their butts and participate in 5k walks or runs. How great is it to know that you can do good AND unwind all at the same time? In order for us to bring people out to an event at your establishment, Our motto for doing good is “Have a beer and volunteer”.
With those simple thoughts in mind, The Raleigh Social Club was born. Raleigh is the city of Oaks and there are amazing things to do around town, if you know what you’re looking for and if you can find a fun people to explore with. So join The Raleigh Social Club and come on out to some of our amazing events!