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"The quest for mastery never ends" - Sathpal Singh

This meetup community is focused on how the world of work is evolving. It covers a broad range of areas from modern leadership approaches, team dynamics and organisational design to ways of working, collaborative models, agile practices and how we communicate.

We wish to encourage thought-provoking discussions, being open minded and proactive learning. We love to share knowledge and make new bodies of work accessible to audiences far and wide. We celebrate contribution and participation.

We believe deeply in collaborative thinking, co-creation, the power of visualisation, ethical leadership, diversity and inclusion.

Everyone is welcome - a note to us all of our adherence to a code of conduct for all events.

In short be respectful to one another!

To understand excellence you may want to read our code of conduct for events. This is designed to make sure everyone feels safe and has a harassment-free experience.


The Code of Conduct applies at all times.

Upcoming events (4+)

Choosing hybrid ways of working: a UK government case study - Andrew Pope

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The Future of Work Scotland team are pleased to bring you this intriguing session with Designing Collaboration consultancy co-owner Andrew Pope joining us from Australia.

Every team is different – building hybrid ways of work requires an approach that allows teams to make their own informed choices. This session shows both the game-based approach that allowed teams to make their own choices but also how to identify goals for hybrid working.

Learning Objectives:

What can our attendees expect to take away from the session?

● How a UK government agency approached hybrid working practices for Microsoft Teams
● An understanding on some of the key issues and goal areas
● Learning some of the more popular techniques selected for hybrid ways of work
● Learning how a collaborative game-based approach allowed for problem discovery, overcoming blockers and solution development

Here's some background on our awesome guest speaker for this session:

Andrew is co-owner of consultancy Designing Collaboration in the United Kingdom and Australia, and advises large and medium-sized organisations throughout Europe and the USA on digital strategy and leadership, virtual team & community building, and how to leverage collaboration tools for business impact.

Andrew has recently been advising UK Government clients on their hybrid working strategy for Microsoft Teams and a global sciences firm on digital teamworking skills in Microsoft 365. He has also worked with some well-known organisations on their digital collaboration strategies as well as devising engagement programs. He also works as a facilitator, moderating future workplace peer groups across northern Europe.

Andrew is also co-author, with Alister Webb, of Designing Collaboration – a series of books, games and tools to boost digital collaboration, team and community building.

Red Teaming community event - Bryce Hoffman & Marcus Dimbleby

Needs a location

The Future of Work Scotland team are delighted to be bringing you this special Red Teaming community event with the author of Red Teaming Bryce G. Hoffman, who will be visiting Scotland, and VP and Partner at Red Team Thinking Marcus Dimbleby.

This is a unique in-person event that will take the form of a panel discussion, and Q&A session. Further details to be provided closer to the event.

This event follows a bootcamp which will be held on Monday 17th. Details and how to sign-up can be found here:


If you sign-up by 3rd June, your name will go into a draw for the chance to win one of 5 free tickets to the evening dinner.

Learning Objectives:

What can our attendees expect to take away from the session?

⦁ Real world insights from thought leaders in Red Team thinking

Here's some background on our amazing guest speakers for this session:

Bryce G. Hoffman:

Bryce is a bestselling author, speaker, and unconsultant who believes that individuals have the power to transform companies and cultures through great leadership and applied critical thinking.

Bryce was named one of the “Top 100 Leadership Speakers” by Inc. magazine. He has spent much of the past decade sharing his inspiring stories and leadership secrets with audiences across the globe.

In 2015, Bryce founded Red Team Thinking LLC (now a subsidiary of TruThinking Corp., which he founded in 2020) to teach individuals and organizations how to use applied critical thinking to make better decisions in today’s complex world. Red Team Thinking® evolved from a system developed by the military and intelligence agencies to make critical and contrarian thinking part of their strategic planning process

Bryce is the author of American Icon: Alan Mulally and the Fight to Save Ford Motor Company, which was named one of the “Best Business Books” by Bloomberg and Red Teaming: How Your Business Can Conquer the Competition by Challenging Everything, which Jon Gordon called “further proof that Bryce Hoffman is one of the great business writers and thinkers of our time.” These books have become manuals for leaders who want to learn how to create winning cultures, navigate complexity, and make better decisions faster in today’s rapidly changing world.

A native of California, Bryce currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Marcus Dimbleby:

Marcus undoubtedly had a unique and varied career in the Royal Air Force serving as a Fighter Controller. He enjoyed tours with the Royal Marines and Royal Navy, an exchange tour in Arizona, USA with the United States Marine Corps as a weapons & tactics instructor, with whom he also served in Iraq in 2003, the Joint Force Headquarters doing Strategic and Operational Planning, and finally as one of the Air Security Executives responsible for the air security of the UK at the time of the Olympic Games in London 2012. Throughout his military career he has applied and taught the tools and techniques of Red Teaming in many guises.

With extensive experience gained as a senior military officer, Marcus seamlessly moved into the business world in London, initially as a senior manager at a major consultancy, then an independent contractor, then business owner and partner – leading on major business transformations predominantly in the financial sector.

A highly entrepreneurial, passionate and pragmatic transformation leader and coach focused on enabling enterprise-wide business strategies through effective change management, culture shift, evolved leadership behaviours and optimised ways of working. And of course the application of Red Team Thinking at all levels.

Along with his military skills and training, Marcus has completed post-graduate studies in Strategic Leadership and Management, and also Business Management - Improving Performance and Managing Change.

He is a former Chair of School Governors, married with a family of 4 – where he also applies his military training and Red Team techniques as required!

The future of work is: no jobs - Benjamin P. Taylor

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The Future of Work Scotland team are delighted to be hosting the wonderful Benjamin P. Taylor for this intriguing session.

Benjamin will be sharing some perspectives and speculation on the future of work:

• Contracting models and power dynamics
• ‘Gig work’ above and below the API
• Rights and exploitation
• A small diversion into the absurdity and mendacity of ‘IR35’
• Simplified taxation and Universal Basic Income
• The potential of DAOs
• Three parallel worlds of tribal identity, dependence, interdependence and (inter)independence

Learning Objectives:

What can our attendees expect to take away from the session?

● Some new angles and combinations of future of work possibilities
● Discussion of what is important to hold on to or to obtain, and how to keep that focus
● Thinking about how parallel worlds are likely to emerge

Here's some background on our amazing guest speaker for this session:

Benjamin found on social media as @antlerboy – has been in public service reform and organizational effectiveness for over 20 years, and is passionate about the systems | complexity | cybernetics field. He describes himself as business evolutionary and avid learner, all of which he traces back to science fiction, studying philosophy (with politics and economics) at Oxford University, and being an outsider despite his privilege.

He began in a frontline role and then became Adviser to Leader in a London borough council and a career in public service consultancy through PwC, Sector Projects (part of Capita).

He set up RedQuadrant, a network consultancy, in 2009 with the goal of transforming public services and disrupting consulting. In 2016, Benjamin established the Public Service Transformation Academy, a not-for-profit social enterprise which builds the capacity of public services to transform themselves.

Benjamin curates and shares everything to do with systems/complexity/cybernetics at the Systems Community of Inquiry, hosts and supports and engages with many social media groups and systems societies, and is a Fellow of the Cybernetics Society and a Director of Systems and Complexity in Organisation, the systems practitioner professional body. In that capacity, he has supported the development of the UK’s level seven (post-grad) systems thinking practitioner apprenticeship. He is writing two systems thinking books, one for Routledge and one for Triarchy Press, and recording two podcasts: Transduction, the systems, cybernetics, and complexity podcast (I have come to sing songs to your cat), and Joy and Work: leading service transformation.

• Chief executive of the Public Service Transformation Academy, a not-for-profit social enterprise www.publicservicetransformation.org
• Managing partner at RedQuadrant, a networked consultancy www.redquadrant.com
• Director at Systems and Complexity in Organisation www.systemspractice.org, the systems
• Core member, Requisite Agility www.requisiteagility.org and member, the Open Eyes Collaborative
• Curator at systems community of inquiry www.syscoi.com

Choose Unity. A person's vulnerability is a gift - Jenny Landgren

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The Future of Work Scotland team are delighted to be bringing you this session with the wonderful Jenny Landgren, author of Choosing Unity.

In this session we provide helpful guidelines and life-principals for your own personal healing and evolution during times of insecurity and change.

In a world of diversity and rapid ongoing change, fear of what is different and new may easily divide us. Jenny welcomes you as a leader and human being to spend some time with her in this event, exploring our positive choices in choosing unity and a deeper sense of belonging.

Life is not a journey of perfection, it’s a journey of self-discovery and growth. It’s time for us to go beyond merely co-existing.

When we can collaborate and embrace opportunities to thrive we benefit both people and profit.

Looking to the future we create a collective growth zone, building resilient organisations while fully enjoying the individual gifts we've been given.

Learning Objectives:

What can our attendees expect to take away from the session?

  • Understand the benefits of vulnerability
  • Develop deeper listening skills
  • Know the difference between Informing vs. transforming communication

Here's some more on our awesome guests for this session:

Jenny Landgren seeks to encourage leaders in self-discovery in order to find clarity and take action in their lives. Jenny knows first hand that when we don’t choose us first we can’t connect with others.

As CEO of NARA Communications and Vice President of Europe Operations for The Breath Framework™, Jenny guides her clients worldwide on the journey of reclaiming their lives.

They are CEOs, managers, and employees all sharing the human experience of knowing suffering in one way or another.

As a behavioral science expert and coach, Jenny teaches tools for better communication.

The content Jenny produces focuses on empowering leaders in all areas of business to unleash their team member’s true potential.

Jenny believes and teaches that Love is a choice and knows first hand that when we don’t choose us first we can’t give as much to others.

Jenny loves to connect with others via LinkedIn and Facebook in English or Swedish.

Contact Information…

Website: www.naracommunications.se
Personal Coaching * Training & Speaking

Book: “Choosing Unity - STARTS WITH US”


The EXPANSION of You: An online course to reclaim your life in a most powerful way.



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