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"The quest for mastery never ends" - Sathpal Singh

This meetup community is focused on how the world of work is evolving. It covers a broad range of areas from modern leadership approaches, team dynamics and organisational design to ways of working, collaborative models, agile practices and how we communicate.

We wish to encourage thought-provoking discussions, being open minded and proactive learning. We love to share knowledge and make new bodies of work accessible to audiences far and wide. We celebrate contribution and participation.

We believe deeply in collaborative thinking, co-creation, the power of visualisation, ethical leadership, diversity and inclusion.

Everyone is welcome - a note to us all of our adherence to a code of conduct for all events.

In short be respectful to one another!

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Continuous Improvement at Scale - resolve systemic impediments: Chris Stone

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The Future of Work Scotland team are delighted to welcome the Virtual Agile Coach, Chris Stone as the guest speaker for our June session.

The problem with retrospectives is that the learnings identified often remain local to the team. The wins, failures and improvements a team makes don't get shared widely. That knowledge is a resource and a powerful one.

What if you could zoom out across teams of teams?

Join me for an interactive exploration of my top tips, strategies, and hacks for continuous improvement at scale.

Together, we will explore how to break down silos and encourage collaboration between teams, how to identify systemic impediments that impact the entire organization, and how to leverage the power of retrospectives to drive change at scale.

Learning Objectives:

- How to identify systemic impediments across teams of teams
- How to track improvements at scale, going beyond the standard metrics
- How to co-create experiments with those involved to bring about meaningful change
What can our attendees expect to take away from the session?

Here's a little more about our amazing guest speaker:

As The Virtual Agile Coach, Chris Stone is on a mission to help people to continuously improve each and every day and have fun while they do it.

With over a decade of experience creating high performing teams across a range of industries, from smaller lean enterprises to some of the worlds largest companies, Chris is dedicated to creating environments where people can be their best selves on their best day and be supported on their worst.

He is the Managing Partner of Virtually Agile, a challenger consultancy, a regular on the conference circuit, podcaster, trainer, blogger and soon to be author. Chris is always seeking new ways to share his expertise and inspire others to think creatively about how they can continuously improve.

Conscious leadership and going beyond ego - Thor Olafsson

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The Future of Work Scotland team are thrilled to be welcoming author of 'Beyond Ego', Thor Olafsson.

Leadership is not a title or a grade but an opportunity to serve. The complex organisational systems most of us experience in our work continue to require great leadership. Conscious leadership, leadership that is not ego-driven and leadership that exudes intention, compassion and humility. In this session Thor will explore these ideas and introduce the inner compass as a mechanism to navigate the path to conscious leadership.

Learning Objectives:

What can our attendees expect to take away from the session?

● An exploration of what we need from leadership and why
● An introduction to the inner compass
● Inspiration to seek greater self-awareness and clarity on ones own leadership

Here's a little more about our amazing guest speaker:

Thor Olafsson has worked in over 30 countries for more than 2 decades, and in that time,vhe has founded several companies in 4 countries. His current company, the Strategic Leadership Group, has a team of over 40 executive coaches and trainers.

Thor’s main passion is conscious leadership. For him, the lessons he learned about conscious leadership didn’t come easily. Like many of the executives that he has coached, he has been near both burnout and bankruptcy; but at his lowest moments, he asked himself the big
questions and did the deep work required.

Thor has created many novel business concepts including the Leadership Cube and the Inner Compass of Conscious Leaders. His bestselling book, Beyond Ego: The Inner Compass of Conscious Leadership offers a highly practical and experiential path towards identifying ego patterns and leading beyond them. The Inner Compass model helps solve the conflict that exists between subconscious, ego-driven defence mechanisms and the inner self‘s higher purpose. It’s a path that starts with self-awareness and then continuously expands to include impact on both teams and entire organisations.

Thor loves to speak on how he’s overcome his challenges and how he transformed the way he shows up as a leader to help others do the same. He raises awareness and enables the leader to embrace conscious leadership, not just as a concept, but in every interaction in their leadership role.

Leading with Integrity: a personal guide for leadership - Willem van der Walt

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The Future of Work Scotland team are delighted to be hosting this session with Willem Van Der Walt.

When complexity increases, as leaders, acting under pressure, juggling more and more variability, and being called on to make the right decisions becomes increasingly personal and difficult.

This systemic approach to integrity helps to remove the guilt and heaviness around the topic, and leads us into a liberating way to see, understand, sense and choose who we want to be, and what is needed around us, inside us and between us.

Our session will brief the concepts; allow for some exploration into this work using a real-life problem you’ve faced into; a systems approach and the Integral Model.

Learning Objectives:

What can our attendees expect to take away from the session?

● A practical, guilt-free way to look at a challenging event from a values, behavioural and relational perspective
● The means to apply this approach in the call, learning from others, with access to the coach
● Immediately able to apply these concepts in your leadership stance, in teams and in your family to lead with Integrity even in facing complexity and high stakes.

Here's a little more about our amazing guest speaker:

Willem (Will) van der Walt is a professional coach (PCC), Agile Team Coach and Enterprise Agile Coach, working with leaders, organisations, teams and individuals from all walks of life. His practice focuses on a solutions, dialogic and systemic coaching stance.

Starting as a Business Analyst in the Mobile and Financial industries in 2012, and transitioning to Agile Coach in 2017 before opening his coaching practice in 2020, he is an experienced enabler and facilitator of change in systems.

Change Your Work with the Power of Visual Tools - Holger Nils Pohl

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The Future of Work Scotland team are delighted to welcome visual facilitator and author of Creating Clarity, Holger Nils Pohl.

The future of work is visual! This session will be focused on how you can use visual tools to facilitate agile processes.

Holger will lead you through the three core mindsets, that will help you solve complex challenges. And you’ll learn how to communicate better and more clearly by using visual tools.

It will be an inspirational, interactive session. Get pen and paper ready. You’ll make lots of use of them

Learning Objectives:

What can our attendees expect to take away from the session?

● Learn basic drawing skills
● Learn 2-3 visual tools to deal with complex challenges
● Have exercises individually and in small groups
● Receive a gift at the end of the session

Here's a little more about our amazing guest speaker:

Holger is a multi-passionate creative, visual strategist, author of Non-Fiction, Kids' and Fantasy books, trainer, and autistic who works internationally — in short, a creative powerhouse.

He believes in the transformational power of visual tools and creates clarity for his clients, workshop delegates, readers, and viewers. He does this by reducing complexity to simple, actionable steps.

Holger has written and co-written seven books — one of them on the phone with his thumbs while carrying his third born in a belly carrier. He has also co-created an award winning business board game, visual facilitation app, a business comic for kids, and he’s currently working on some fiction projects. In other words, he can’t stop creating.

For years, he was a teacher at an arts school and a lecturer at two universities in Germany – the University of Arts Berlin and the Hochschule Macromedia, University of Applied Sciences Cologne. Now he shares his knowledge in Keynotes, courses, workshops, and private sessions.

He’s also a trained carpenter and enjoys fixing or creating furniture.
Holger, his wife, and their three wonderful kids are living just outside Cologne, Germany. He feeds the rabbits or pets the family’s horse when he’s not walking the dog or acting as cat furniture for their two Russian Blues. When he can , he also sneaks out into the garden to play basketball.

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