• NOTICE : Genesis Meetup Event : Project Heather.. sounds interesting!

    Spaces - Edinburgh, Spaces Lochrin Square

    Not a FOW Event But one that may interest our members : Sign up here : https://www.meetup.com/meetup-group-zGFhyHVD/events/264132519/ Discover how to become part of the proposed new Scottish Stock Exchange. Global facing and impact-focused, built for the 21st century. Learn how to tap into global capital available for purposeful companies. About this Event Project Heather (http://www.projectheather.scot) is building the stock exchange for the 21st century – a global facing, impact focused stock exchange built to give direct access to capital markets for Scottish entrepreneurs. This event is designed to inspire, educate and prepare companies for entry. Join Project Heather to learn about the IPO journey and learn the benefits and rewards of being an impact company. What is it like to IPO? What is it like to be on a capital market? Learn how you can join us in driving for purpose and prosperity for the 21st century and be part of a dynamic new and accessible exchange. Speakers: Sandy Adam, Executive Chairman of Springfield Properties plc, will talk about his experience of listing his company, and what a stock exchange here in Scotland could mean for Scottish entrepreneurs and advisers. Tomás Carruthers, CEO of Project Heather, will talk about the progress being made on the path to launch the Scottish Stock Exchange, and why Scotland is the perfect location for both a global stock exchange and one that supports the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. Impact meets IPO: Project Heather will provide an overview of how you can become an impact company fit for the exchange with intention and purpose. Gain an overview of the impact reporting tools and frameworks which are out there and learn how to get impact investor-ready so you can access a fast-growing impact investing market and bring about positive social and environmental change with us. Become part of building a new kind of value for the 21st century.

  • NOTICE : Heart of Agile Meet-up - is on

    RBS Gogarburn House

    Not a FoW Event but great Heart of Agile Scotland - Is open plan the best plan? Great talk with Jo wright. Join Here.. https://www.meetup.com/Heart-of-Agile-Scotland/events/263976042/

  • Monthly - Fun Lunch in the Gyle


    Simple plan, meet have lunch and discuss agile and future of the group. We need to meet face to face more often. Everyone is welcome. Lets talk! ❤️

  • Free Agile Event : RBS have a Open event : Story Mapping

    Not our event but well worth Publicising : Tele-Webinar that RBS is running with our Awesome Matt Evans!!! : Register on the Eventbrite. Link here... https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/rbs-agile-community-user-story-mapping-tickets-67015351721 (Don't Register here!!! it is not our event)

  • Thoughts on Agile Transformations At Scale - Lightening Talks

    Usual Running Order. 18.30 for refreshment and networking 7.00 Welcome and Code of Conduct 7.05 Awesome Niall 7.45 break 8.05 Amazing Lena 9.00 tidy up and pub. Welcome to the Rebranded Scaled Agile group... I hope you like it. and with the Name, we are broadening out to not just scaled agile, but also more: community, psychology and pirates. At the August event, we are going to have two first-time speakers at our August meet up! We are very excited to introduce Evelyn Lekhtman and Niall Ogilvy. Niall will be talking about Transforming Businesses with "Economy of Flow" Business transformation is about converting a vertical, economy of scale organisation into a horizontal, economy of flow organisation, to create a vibrant, scalable business of higher value – equipped to meet the demands of a new generation with pivotal buying power. Taiichi Ohno, with others, were responsible for developing the 14 principles of flow from the ideas of Clarence Saunders and Dr W Edwards Deming. It is these principles upon which modern retailing, manufacturing, service industry and agile software development are founded. Flow is also a quality state of mind in which the human brain works at its most effective. Niall will explain why transforming the processes, culture and technology of an organisation from the 14 principles of management devised by Henri Fayol in the 19th Century, to a system-of-systems based on economy of flow is critical for survival in the 21st Century. Niall Ogilvy has worked with technology and associated business change for over 15 years as a Project and Programme Manager in a wide range of organisations. He is ideally placed between technology and the business ensuring a strong business-focus on the delivery of technology initiatives. He covers both sides of change management, behavioural and delivery; leveraging digital technology and harnessing process innovation and human behaviour to meet customer demand at less cost, and so transforming business-as-usual. Before working in technology, Niall had a career in the Armed Forces. He led IT for the Infantry and was a member of the strategic project team that defined and delivered the core business for the British Army, namely ‘Battle Management’. And Evelyn Lekhtman will be talking about "What Makes Agile Valuable and How to Ensure Value when Applying Agile." Lena writes "Hello, my name is Evelyn Lekhtman. I started working in the IT industry 21 years ago in NYC as a mainframe analyst programme. I was exceptionally proud to be working in industry, helping fight the potential Y2K crisis. At the time, I truly felt and believed I was saving the world. In 1999, I moved across the pond to work for HSBC bank, where my role evolved into being a Senior Systems Specialist developing algorithms to support the UK ATM Network and designing databases for HSBC Global to help them understand their global lending risk appetite. In 2004, I decided to move north to bonny Scotland where I became an independent management consultant focusing on Project and Programme Management both in the IT and Business Change sector. My goal was to gain as much experience as possible with a variety of clients, ranging from SMEs to multinational organisations so that I could learn the techniques and understand the ethos of what good value add product delivery actually looked and felt like. In 2012, I started to work with Lean and Six Sigma where I learnt how to make savings within the delivery change cycle. These newly adopted skills excited me greatly and I continued to use them until I fell upon Agile, where I found my greatest love. Today I am as an Agile Transformational SME, Strategist, Advisor, Agile Coach and Scrum Master. I can help anyone who wants help to be better, by showing them how to apply easily and effectively agile methods to improve their workflow so that they can confidently and sustainably achieve their goal whilst tracking value. Hence, my talk tonight will be titled 'What Makes Agile valuable and How to Ensure Value when Applying Agile'. It will help if you are:- Struggling to demonstrate value when using Agile techniques? Struggling to enact your role within an agile environment? Finding through the agile transformation behaviours are more disruptive than beneficial? The goal of my talk is to share techniques along with case studies to show what Makes Agile Valuable, what steps are needed to be successful in any type or size of agile transformation journey and explain how to always align to value when adopting to agile ways of working for any type of workflow environment " It is going to be an interesting night with both speakers available for questions and follow up.

  • Agile Lunch in the Gyle


    Simple plan, meet have lunch and discuss agile and future of the group. We need to meet face to face more often. Everyone is welcome. Lets talk! ❤️

  • Human Agile : Exploring Fear in the workplace with Ian Mclaren Wallace

    ***If you have not done so already you may want to take the fear at work survey http://humanspace.work/fear-survey-2019/ *** thanks Sadly Martin Burns died suddenly early on Sunday morning. We miss him greatly. We will have a short celebration of his work and impact on us. Followed by cheers!! As he would have wanted. This Month we will be at Sainsbury's Bank in Edinburgh Park and the good folk at Sainsbury’s are laying on some special refreshments for us! You will have seen from recent activity that they are recruiting. Folks from Sainsbury's Bank will be around to discuss working at Sainsbury's and future opportunities. Good news.... there will be Beef Burgers, Pork and Chorizo and a Vegetarian option. If you have any allergies please let us know and the catering team will look to find a way through. Sainsbury's Bank also has parking so you can easily park in the large car park. If you want to take the public transport option they are opposite the tram stop at the Central Gyle. And between Edinburgh Gateway and Edinburgh park stations. Format of the evening [masked]:00 - Meet/Network/Refreshments[masked] short celebration of Martin Burns - our founder 19:10-19:50 - Speaker 19:50-20:00 - Break[masked] - World cafe style So what are we talking about? One of W. Edward Deming's Key Principles for transforming business effectiveness is 'drive out fear, so that everyone may work effectively for the company'. Our observations have indicated, directly and indirectly, that there are often significant levels of fear being experienced in the Scottish IT sector. So we decided to explore these observations in greater depth and collect some objective data to better understand the situation. At this event, I will be revealing the results of our survey so far. I’ll also be sharing some of the latest research into why psychologically safe workspaces are not just a nice to have but are actually a fundamental factor in increasing levels of innovation and productivity. Ian McLaren Wallace is an award-winning psychologist, founder of psychology consultancy Human Associates and recently voted the U.K.’s most innovative business psychologist. He works with high potential individuals and high-performance organisations to help them find meaning, realise purpose and unleash potential. Ian is the originator of the Human Space, a psychological framework for making sense of human behaviour. Followed by a discussion using the World Cafe method* *World Cafe Method Drawing on seven integrated design principles, the World Café methodology is a simple, effective, and flexible format for hosting large group dialogue. World Café can be modified to meet a wide variety of needs. Specifics of context, numbers, purpose, location, and other circumstances are factored into each event’s unique invitation, design, and question choice, but the following five components comprise the basic model: 1) Setting: Create a “special” environment 2) Welcome and Introduction 3) Small Group Rounds 4) Questions 5) Harvest - Playback from tables then repeat! Great Technique for introducing each other and having Human Conversations.