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What we’re about

At PsychAnastasis, our mission, informed by a Christian framework, is to foster a dynamic and interconnected community dedicated to the spiritual and total well-being of humanity. We aim to serve as a comprehensive platform that unites a federation of non-profits, professionals, and passionate individuals focused on advancing research and initiatives beyond the conventional confines of academia and major industry sectors.

Our vision is to bridge the distances that typically separate disparate groups in this field, creating a centralized hub that increases visibility for all organizations aligned with our Christian values. In an era dominated by fleeting and superficial digital content, PsychAnastasis seeks to redefine engagement by promoting profound, enduring connections.

We are committed to assembling a diverse coalition of stakeholders, from companies to individual thought leaders, who are pursuing significant breakthroughs in fields such as longevity, brain cancer, and heart disease. PsychAnastasis is not just a platform but a beacon and sanctuary for those dedicated to making a substantive impact, guided by Christian ethics and compassion.
Through facilitating discussions, hosting expert-led events, and continually nurturing our community, we aim to create a robust infrastructure that not only supports but accelerates the collective efforts of those dedicated to the betterment of human health and holistic wellness, all within a framework that reflects Christian principles and dedication to service.

Please note that PsychAnastasis is psychotherapy or a substitute for psychotherapy. By RSPVing to our events and/or joining our community, you acknowledge that PsychAnastasis, its event hosts, and its members are not responsible for any emotional harm that results from attending the event or trying any methods discussed in the event or in the community. Additionally, by RSVPing to our events, you acknowledge that we are not responsible for whether or not you accept or understand our material.

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