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What we’re about

This group is dedicated to helping raise the collective vibration by sharing our Joys. If you look at a vibration chart Joy is at the top of the list (just under Freedom). With the chaos and uncertainty of life, we thought we could help (even if it is a little bit) by taking some time to focus on what brings us Joy.
We would love for you to share your Joy's in this group as well as any experiences you have with the Infinity Healing Circle.

We currently have 4 zoom meetings a month... (at 7pm mountain time)
the 1st and 3rd Thursdays is The Joy Gathering Online with myself (Donielle Saxton) and my co-host Christie Einspahr. Christie shares with us the numerology, specifically for the month, year and what is in store for us. I do an Oracle Card pull/reading. We share our Joys and then we do a guided mediation and utilize the Power of 8 to broadcast our intentions. We are helping to raise the collective energies by focusing on our Joys!

(To allow Paula and her brain to heal from some trauma, this call is temporarily on hold, we will let you know when they will start again). The Tuesdays following The Joy Gathering, my co-host Paula Karen and myself explore a guided healing circle called The Infinity Healing Circle. Paula shares with us about a topic. We then practice harnessing the miraculous quantum healing energies of a small group to heal others, your life and the planet, by doing a guided meditation and Power of 8 broadcast. We ask that you prepare a few words of what you would like to send to the infinite quantum healing realms. This group is based on Lynn McTaggart’s book, “The Power of Eight.”

You can find out more information me (Donielle) and the work I offer here

If you would like to contribute to the upkeep of this group and our zoom, so we can keep our meetups Free, it would be most appreciated. Joy Donation