What we're about

http://www.laeconomicforum.com (http://www.laeconomicforum.com/)

Regular meetup for anyone who loves to learn and discuss the current events that shape our world. Rather international politics, breaking news, market economics, or local governing policies, we like to get together and discuss these issues to learn and hear all sides.

This group is composed of members from all political spectrums with opposing viewpoints. We take pride in being able to have open discussions about controversial issues and politics. Members must be able to remain mature and polite while hearing views that differ from their own. The main goal of this group is to show all sides of hot issues in US and international affairs, politics, events.
We hope to debate and discuss an issue on not who is right or wrong but the background and history of the events and the best measures for resolution

Each meeting we will pick topics happening at that time and discuss all sides, followed by any other topics anyone wants to discuss.