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What we’re about

Built to expand and be shared with our growing The Network State movement. One ideal use of this new community is to help us host meetups in the various events Balaji Srinivasan is speaking, facilitating connections and community growth.

In April 2023 Balaji is scheduled to speak twice at Consensus in Austin, and we will host our inaugural event there.

If you are a 1729 fan or otherwise The Network State community enthusiast, I am happy to share organizer credentials with others.

In case you are finding this meetup without prior knowledge, a Network State is defined by author Balaji Srinivasan in one sentence as "a highly aligned online community with a capacity for collective action that crowdfunds territory around the world and eventually gains diplomatic recognition from pre-existing states."

His recent publication The Network State is a free online download, and a road map for building parallel systems.