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What we’re about

Welcome to The Offline Club.

We're here for those who believe they spend too much time on their phones. For those who value offline over online and real-life over virtual. For those who want to switch off and take a short break from the everyday grind and endless scrolling.

Join us at the coziest Café's in Amsterdam by locking your phone away and enjoying relaxed me-time free of digital distractions, surrounded by like-minded people. Sit back and recharge by reading a book, drawing, working out (business) ideas, journaling, making a photo album, knitting, or doing whatever you like.

Of course, there's room to socialize, exchange ideas, discuss books, or play a game - but only if you feel like it.

Our digital detox hangouts will allow you to slow down, refocus, enhance your creativity, meet fun people, reconnect, and re-energize. They offer you an offline break from your jam-packed schedule and ever-connected life.

Are you ready to swap screen time for real time?

Tickets only available on external platform: Amsterdam Event Tickets.

Follow The Offline Club Instagram for event updates and fun, inspiring and informational stories. Make sure to immediately delete the app after though, so you can enjoy your day 😉.

Love our concept? We also organize The Reading Weekend - a full weekend offline in a beautiful house in nature to unplug from the daily hustle. Check our website here and join us.

Can't wait to meet you, Jordy and Ilya

Upcoming events (2)

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  • Digital Detox Hangout | Amsterdam
    Café Brecht, Amsterdam, NH
    • Photo of Ilya Kneppelhout
    • Photo of Jordy van bennekom
  • Digital Detox Hangout | Amsterdam
    The New Yoga School B.V., Amsterdam, NH
    • Photo of Ilya Kneppelhout
    • Photo of Jordy van bennekom