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What we’re about

Hello and welcome to this exciting journey that will change your life! Some of you are already familiar with my either from readings or my Astrology and Esoteric Studies Meetup. You will find the link to this meetup at the bottom of this page.

Join us for this exciting Journey of learning the Tarot, from both of its sides, the intuitive side and astrological side that most readers today are not even aware of.

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many real tarot teachers left in the world, let alone our area. There are a couple of excellent readers, but I am still waiting to meet a real teacher. I will not pretend to be one, but I was fortunate enough to learn from three of the best Tarot teachers who have ever walked on earth in our lifetime and now I am ready to pass some knowledge on to those of you who are willing to grab this opportunity. And the best part, you won’t have to pay me money, all I want is your dedication and time and you get a free course that's worth $800! This will be an 8-session series and for those of you who will attend all 8, there will be a bonus session # 9 that will take you to the professional level. Once you are done with this series, you will know about Tarot more than 95% of readers in this country and you will be able to tell the difference right away between a good teacher and a scam artist who will lure you to their store and sell you a half empty course.

Why I’m doing this for free for the second year in a row? Because there is a serious lack of knowledge about Tarot and there are a lot of con artists out there who are ripping people off for fake readings as well as some people who think they are the gatekeepers of the industry who would charge you a lot of money to give you a watered-down course that will leave you nothing but confused about the subject.

If you are ready to finally learn about Tarot, join us every other week and after the series is over, you will be a pro!

Here is the link to my Astrology and Esoteric Studies meetup: