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Want to learn how to use Microsoft Power BI...then you have landed at the right place to sign up for Power BI training.

I am a qualified Power BI trainer offering community not for profit training both in London, UK and globally online. Through this Meetup group ‘The Power BI Apprentice’ you can access some of the different courses I offer.

All courses are run like “The Apprentice”. That is, YOU will become one of my apprentices and I will teach you how to become a qualified Power BI developer.

FREE....but why so cheap you ask ??? well because I enjoy giving back to the community and as a trainer it helps me keep myself up to date so I can teach you the latest cutting edge Power BI techniques, solutions and integration across the BI ecosystem.

Classroom sessions require you to turn up online. Only sign up if you can commit to the full course. For more course details and clarity on how to apply go over to www.wottabyte.com (http://www.wottabyte.com/) and click through to News and see relevant blog posts.

Here on this Meetup portal I am running various The Power BI Apprentice courses at different ability levels.

Find them and apply.

Current : Jan 2021 : Power BI Beginner Training 10 week online course

I look forward to meeting you PowerBIers soon and helping you to learn Power BI....

David Moss from the UK.

More details here www.wottabyte.com (http://www.wottabyte.com/)

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