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What is it?

The Property Voice Live is designed to bring together like-minded property people who are serious about taking action to achieve their property goals.

Our Meetups

Workshops - for practical, sleeves rolled-up, applied action

Strategy surgeries & deal clinics - for property problem-solving

Social events to meet, network and share

Check out our calendar to find the right format for you.

Who is it for?

New - Aspiring & early-stage property investors looking for practical support that applies in in the real world

Busy - Professionals and business-people that want to develop their property business whilst retaining their daytime interests in the near-term

Turnaround - More experienced property investors looking for a new direction

A bit about The Property Voice....

• Experienced property investor that turned a £10k bonus from work into a multi-million pound property investment business spanning 4 countries within 5 years.

• Host of The Property Voice Podcast & Blog, a leading educational resource for property investors.

• Amazon best-selling author of 'The Property Investor Toolkit'

• Columnist in Your Property Network Magazine

• A 'non-guru' property educator and mentor

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