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What we’re about

The REAL Debate Club

The REAL Debate Club is back, and we're doing a series of debates about the state of the world, and what we can do to shape the future for our people and our planet.

We're passionate about promoting debate and discussion in the UK and around the world. Always exploring new formats to engage with new audiences in different ways - from Private Members Clubs in London , to Pop-up venues and Music Festivals all over the U.K.

We use Zoom to encourage participation and the sharing of ideas from people all around the world.

We are sponsored by:
My Social Impact is a new consultancy that helps charities and corporates to make, measure and report on their social impacts. Our Social Purpose is to be part of the change that encourage every organisation to contribute positively towards creating a more sustainable and more equitable world.

@ the REAL Debate Club, please leave your ego "at the door"

  • We like people to bring an initial view and opinion, but please bring an open mind, and be prepared to challenge you pre-conceived ideas!
  • Your current opinion is based on the narrow exposure of your own upbringing, life experiences and knowledge you're acquired in life, SO FAR
  • Another intelligent person with an opposing view, cannot be wrong... as their view has arrived in their head in a similar fashion to yours
  • So don't assume someone is wrong automatically , but try to find out, why they think that they think. Reflect and maybe adapt your ideas accordingly.

A bit more info about the debates

  • We take votes BEFORE and AFTER the debate, to see if there's been any swings of opinion. That's the fun bit...
  • We are always looking for good speakers/debaters to join us. So please let me know if you're keen on this.
  • All debates held over zoom, so that we can engage the whole world in these debates
  • We are looking at setting up real world spots in the UK and around other locations, so people can meet physically and digitally all over the world, also exploring VR and AR options too).

You never know, we may even change the world?!

I hope that by gathering together a range of interesting people on this debating group. Not only will we enjoy slugging it out over some serious (and not so serious) debates, but we may also meander towards sessions where we work an idea out in smaller focus groups. It's my hope that bringing divergent views and open minds together... we have a chance to come up with progressive ideas, that are free from dogma - which could actually have a practical use in the world!

Who is Marcus Warry?

I have a lifetime passion for debate and promoting discussions ad debate, mostly in London, but now more recently in Uganda and East Africa.
I founded and ran the Lansdowne Debating Society in Mayfair, London for about 10 years and I'm a member of the English Speaking Union. I've held debates at pop-up venues and at Music Festivals all over the U.K. including from the back of a Horsebox!

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