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What we’re about

Welcome to the Austin, TX InvestHER Chapter! This group has been created to help women real estate investors local to Austin meet, connect, and learn together and from one another!

Megan Flake:
Megan loves making introductions.

Megan began her investing journey in 2007 and brings over a decade and a half of investing experience to her role as a real estate agent in Austin on the Papasan Properties Team.  Her experience and knowledge cover multiple asset classes, 3 states, and experience through multiple real estate cycles.  Megan has a background in operations management with a focus on business negotiation and procurement.  A 6 Sigma greenbelt from GE gives her a competitive advantage in data analysis and attention to detail. As the co-host of InvestHER in Austin, she leads over 1K women in investing in Austin Real Estate. She is a confident ally and astute negotiator with your commercial and investment real estate.

Megan has been on podcasts Austin Real Estate Investing and CashFlow Pro. She is a writer for Silicon Valley Investor Club. And Megan has taught GRID Investor classes for:
GRID Investor Austin Host Covering:
How to Wholesale: Assigning Real Estate Contracts for Quick Profits
How to Market for Deals: Branding + Lead Gen Strategies That Work
How to Estimate Renovations: Analyze Costs + Minimize Mistakes
How to Negotiate the Deal: Identify and Qualify Motivated Sellers
How to Rehab for Big Profits: 3 Steps to Executing a Successful Rehab
How to Build your Investment Dream Team: Accomplish More with Leverage
How to Buy and Hold: The Key to Wealth
Where to Find the Money: How to Fund Your Investment Deals
How to Maximize Investing Vehicles: Syndications + Self-Driected IRAs
How to Be the Bank: Building Wealth Through Private Lending
How to Invest in Apartments + Scale Your Portfolio

Vivian Yip:
An ex Apple employee turned full time real estate investor. Vivian and her husband are the Austin House Flippers (Youtube, Instagram) on social media. She has been a real estate investor and house hacker since 2004 and took real estate investing seriously beginning in 2018 when both she and her husband had full-time jobs.

They flipped our first 6 houses with full time jobs in the first year!

Her husband was able to quit his corporate job in 2019 and she left her job at Apple (after nearly 7 years) in April 2021. They have two kids, (10 and 11) and two fur babies. They hold 9 doors (a mix of long term and short term and mid term rentals). They also currently house hack! As a family, they have flipped / renovated 23 homes and are currently working on our 24th and 25th property.

Vivian's favorite restaurant in Austin is Tsuke Edomae and her favorite book is cliché but it’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad because it shaped the way she thinks about my time and money.

Vivian is not from any particular place as she has spend the same amount of time in Vancouver, Toronto, Chicago, Austin, and some time in Calgary. Aside from flipping, she also has other companies that she runs: Hospitality (STR management), Property Holding, and Cash Offer company.


The Real Estate InvestHER® is more than a community - it is a movement. Our mission is to empower women in real estate to live a financially free and balanced life. We are dedicated to creating empowering online and in-person communities where women have a non-intimidating environment to receive the support, knowledge, and accountability to live life on their own terms.

How To Join the InvestHER Movement

1. The Real Estate InvestHER Membership
This one-of-a-kind membership offers women investors a supportive community and a step-by-step roadmap to create a steady recurring income to live life on their own terms. Members receive custom content that specifically helps them wherever they are on the path to financial freedom, on-demand and live events that fits into their busy schedules, and mentorship and accountability to propel them to take their business to the next level while taking care of themselves in the process. Learn More Here. (

2. The Real Estate InvestHER Podcast
The weekly show that has been downloaded hundreds of thousands of times across the globe details the journey of the most amazing women real estate investors, who open up their lives and share practical and strategic tools for building wealth, becoming financially free, and the mindset to balance it all.

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3. InvestHER Community on Facebook
We have thousands of experienced and newer community members in our free Facebook InvestHER Community group. This is a safe place for women to ask real estate investing questions and gain the support they need to achieve their goals! Join here. (

4. Amazon Bestseller: The Only Woman in the Room by Ashley Wilson
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“Throughout my career there were multiple occasions where I have stood as the only woman in the room. This powerful book is a must read and I only wish it had been available early on in my career!”

-Barbara Corcoran (Founder of The Corcoran Group)

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COVID guidelines for indoor meetings should always follow the recommendations outlined by the CDC. Please follow your respective state guidelines for indoor gatherings.  Please note these guidelines are as of May 1, 2022 and are subject to change.