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NOTE: Prior to May 2018, this group was for women only and had a different focus. Effective May 16, 2018, the name and focus of the group has changed. The group is now open to ALL. See below for more details:

This group is for those who are searching to find more meaning in life and wanting to be the change they want to see in the world.

Perhaps the typical grind has you craving inspiration from somewhere.

Perhaps you’re feeling stuck or looking for ways to feel more connected to other people in a safe, authentic, raw and nurturing setting.

Perhaps the state of the world has you so numb or disconnected that you're craving — needing — a place where you can go explore more ways to feel connected to the good in yourself and the good in humanity.

Perhaps you just want to feel inspired, happy, motivated and alive again.

Or maybe you just want to be surrounded by souls who are elevating and looking for ways to go higher -- spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically.

If this describes you, then join us.

The new focus of the group is curating events that focus on human connection + inspiration + information + motivation + love

And the purpose for the change in the group’s focus is because the world has changed and I felt so too should the group.

This group is now about creating powerful and transformative experiences and bringing together souls who are ready to become a part of the change they want to see in the world.

The events we’ll curate will be diverse and expansive and they will all be created with the desire to awaken us, connect us and inspire us.

Events will include retreats, community events, healing events, dinners, dancing under the starts, camping, hikes, shows, sound baths, picnics, film festivals, group meditations, bonfires, online transformative/healing events etc — whatever we can find that FILLS US UP with love, compassion, inspiration, motivation and reminders of why we’re here — living in this time — and how we can each love more and contribute our individual gifts more to the greater collective good of all.

The world needs us to individually and collecting shine our light like only we can.

In this group, we'll create the platform for you to shine unapologetically and brilliantly bright.

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