What we're about

Have you ever been at a loose end on an evening or at the weekend when all your friends are busy? Have you ever felt like catching a movie last minute but can't find anyone to go with? Do you ever just wanna get out of the house and go for a walk or go for a drink but nobody is available to meet up?

The aim of this group is to help sociable people in St Neots and the surrounding areas meet and make friends with similar individuals. We're mostly in our 20s, 30s & 40s although it's more a state of mind, and we like getting together for informal meetups at the pub, cinema, for a walk on a nice day, etc. Sometimes we get more organised and go out for city trips or more adventurous meetups like kayaking, go-karting, climbing, camping, etc. Almost anything will be considered, if you have an idea then either email one of the group organisers or schedule the meetup on the website yourself! The more people active in the group, the more we do - that's what this is all about!

If any of this sounds familiar, then this could be the group for you...

You should join if you enjoy the company of others but find you don't have enough 'others' to spend time with because you're new in town or you simply want to expand your existing social circle.

Join in and feel part of something!

~ Notes ~

- Please respect the age range - it's not there to discriminate, it's there to ensure that there isn't too much disparity between the oldest and youngest members.

- Please have a photo that identifies your face. It makes meeting people a lot easier if you know who you're looking out for.

- At the founder's expense, this Meetup group remains free to it's members. If you enjoy the group and would like to show your appreciation, an offer of a drink is well received!

Upcoming events (4+)

Babminton (Payment required)

Needs a location

I have 1 spare racket and some shuttlecocks.

I can find out if you can hire equipment if needed.

If more than four want to join then I can see if Another court available.

Price to be transferred on the day of attendance as this will be dependent on players.

£5 each for two people
£3.33 each for three players
£2.50 if it is four people

I am not too familiar with rules I just like to run around and hit shuttlecock. Feel free to teach group rules or just come for some exercise and fun.

Vampire: The Masquerade, table top RPG

Needs a location

A Table top role playing game. Think Dungeons and Dragons but in present day St Neots as a vampire trying to get by.

First session will be purely character creation (venue TBD) and a bit of going over of the rules, of which there really arent many.

Here is a pdf of the book I have. It looks complicated, but that's why we have a session to familiarise and on top of that, most of the information in there, you don't need to know. Once we have characters created, I'll print you out 'cheat sheets' of the relevant information and abilities you have.


Games Night

Needs a location

You will find us on a table inside the pub with some games on the table. Bring your own games if you wish.

We have played games like; Code Names, Dobble, Muffin time, Exploding Kittens. Easy to learn, easy set up and play. This way we can try a few games whilst also have a chat whilst having a nice pint!

Free parking at Tebbutts Rd, Saint Neots PE19 1BA.

Cocktails and Karaoke

Needs a location

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Games Night

Needs a location

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