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The Amish and technology (pre-read)

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The Amish and technology (pre-read)


One question that I asked almost everyone I met was, “What differences do you see, if any, in communicating via phone or in person?” Of the many responses I received, this one from an Amish minister summarizes feelings expressed by numerous others: "I have very, very strong feelings that nothing can replace face-to-face conversation. Looking each other in the eye, seeing facial features, seeing the look in the eye, whether it be a bright look, or sadness, or frustration, or sorrow. Nothing can compare. Nothing."
Published three months ago by MIT Press, this book was written by Lindsay Ems, Assistant Professor of Communication and Media Studies at Butler University.

Participants who haven't done the reading are welcome, but participants will benefit a lot more by reading in advance, in particular chapter 7 "Holism and a preference for face-to-face participation". The book can be found here.
This group examines the history of Ideas and Science. Great effort is made to include lesser known thinkers whose thought has historical significance. We will also examine non-European Philosophy and Science too to provide context and comparison.

The organizer is not an expert but has a long experience in organizing similar meetings. He also has an Oxford PhD in European History as well as a Cambridge MPhil on the same discipline. He currently teaches foreign languages.
Our meeting time is: Thursday 2 pm(Los Angeles)/5 pm (New York)/10 pm (London).

The Toronto Philosophy Meetup
The Toronto Philosophy Meetup
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